When people talk about essential components of a decent roofing system, the gutter is typically one of the commonly mentioned fixtures.

Gutters serve a variety of purposes when it comes to your home. They reduce flooding and damage on your sidings by redirecting rainfall away from your foundation. They minimize damage to any landscape near your house. They also do the simplest yet fundamental task of stopping people from getting drenched by the downpour. Besides these, they can also help conserve water by redirecting and collecting the rainwater into a barrel for future use.

Though it’s a simple fixture, gutters give homeowners a lot of benefits. And although they are as simple as a tube coming down the house, they come in diverse styles and materials. This can become complicated when people decide which to install for their homes. Besides ensuring that they function just fine, homeowners typically consider their composition for their aesthetic influence.

Basic Gutter Styles

There are numerous types of gutters you can find on the market. But when talking about the basics of the basic, there are three: Box gutters, Half-Round and K-Style.

Box Gutters

These gutters are more oversized than the others, and because of this, they are typically used for industrial or commercial buildings. If you have a relatively bigger house in an area with a wetter climate, this gutter type is appropriate since it can hold more water. Unlike other traditional gutters, they aren’t placed on the edge of your roof. They incorporate a higher back section that sticks under the roof’s shingles. This means they should be installed while the structure is built, so water can’t get into the building. If you install this type of gutter on an old, already made building, you may need to re-do your roofing to ensure optimal results.


As the name sounds, half-round gutters are half-circular pipes. They are commonly used in older and vintage homes. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get one for your home. What makes this type better than the rest has to do with its shape. Being a half-circle, a half-round gutter is less likely to rust because there’s no room for the water to pool. And since it’s a gutter without any creases, it’s less likely to get clogged. However, they can hold lesser water volume compared to the box gutters. Installing half-round gutters may be more complicated than any other regular gutters. Firstly, you need to install brackets that support the gutters.


In form, k-style gutters look slightly similar to box gutters, except they have a more protruding front edge. This unique front looks like a modern home’s molding. Hence, if you’re looking for a type that will complement the typical house, it’s the k-style gutter. This gutter is the easiest to install among the three types due to its flat back. You can nail it directly to your fascia board at the edge of your house without the need for additional brackets to hold it up. With its structure, the k-style gutter holds more water than the half-round gutter, making it harder to clean.

Besides choosing the gutter style appropriate to your preference and needs, you also have to consider what material your gutter should be made from. Residential gutters can be made from various metals such as aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and vinyl. It will help if you consider its durability, price, rust resistance, and weight when deciding among these. Cross-comparing these materials can be a tedious task, but it’s essential that you thoroughly consider their pros and cons before coming up with a decision.

Are gutters necessary?

There are a lot of factors that play into the gutters’ necessity for your home. One can’t decide simply by looking into requirements from other people on the internet. Instead, you can consult a gutter installation or home improvement company to help you come up with a decision. One of the best companies to recommend is GMP Construction LLC. They are one of the primary companies for gutter installation in Dundalk, MD, and other nearby areas. If you plan to have your home checked, you may check their website for more information.

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