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Who doesn’t like the beach? If the thought of dipping in the sea calms you down, then a coastal bathroom might be your idea of heaven.

Coastal bathrooms would transport you to the beach the moment you step foot in the room. Sure, it may not exactly be the same. But with the right design and fixtures, an excellently adorned bathroom could provide the same calm and serenity as the beach.

Bathrooms aren’t the first room anyone would encounter at home. But they are considered incredibly personal and intimate spaces. While they aren’t where homeowners typically spend most of their days, they still provide a space for the most sacred part of people’s routines. Bathrooms may be relatively smaller and neatly tucked away, but these spaces tie in and complete people’s day while bringing together the house’s aesthetic.

All these are why homeowners must consider how they want the space to look. They must consider what they believe would provide the maximum calm for a good night’s bath after a long day while avoiding it looking like an entirely separate room.

Why Coastal Bathrooms?

How homeowners define bathroom bliss will differ from one to another. But beyond the preferential difference, one thing is certain: most people love the beach. And for those who don’t, one of the primary reasons is the heat or the exposure to the sun’s damaging rays.

Well, who says people can’t be on the beach and not be bothered by the sun?

Coastal bathrooms provide what people love about the beach and a solution for what they don’t. These bathroom designs offer the same breezy vibes and serenity as the beach’s aesthetic does, without the light and heat from the sun. Coastal bathrooms are calming, as they feature the whites, blues, and other natural finishes one will find in the ocean. They’re decorated with the essence of the beach in mind, a restorative space where homeowners can relax – their little getaway to the beach.

Not to mention, these bathrooms are also generally neutral, design-wise. The textures and color palettes people use to embody the beach vibes work well with almost anything. Hence, the moment they may lose interest in living the Caribbean vibe, renovating and redecorating coastal bathrooms won’t take too much time and effort. It’s fairly easy to redesign.

Achieve the Caribbean Vibe with One Handy Haole

Coastal bathrooms sound like the dream, but it’s relatively easy to accomplish. After all, the inspiration for these can be drawn from the shore to the ocean. Homeowners can incorporate the colors they can observe on the beach and add some coastal accents to elevate the room. To maximize the Caribbean mood, they may blend in tropical elements like lush green plants, lanai, or exotic wood.

The problem now lies in tying everything together. While coastal bathrooms may sound like the most minimalist design aesthetic, they are rarely ever minimalist. They contain several fixtures and appliances that are necessary for every bathroom. Trying to maintain the same aesthetic throughout the attachments in the room can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are contractors fit to ensure that the job has been excellently achieved.

Based in Hawaii, One Handy Haole specializes in most tropical things. The company handles various projects, from minor installations to big-scaled projects like bathroom remodeling in Maui. With a hands-on team of experts, One Handy Haole will surely succeed in bringing the beach to everyone’s home through coastal bathrooms.

Here are some ways to achieve this aesthetic:

Choose Coastal Colors

What better way to bring the beach in than using and sticking to a beachy palette? This includes filling the bathroom in hues of ocean blues, beiges, seafoam greens, and whites. But obviously, bathrooms need a little elevating too. Instead of strictly sticking to these colors, make the room pop by splashing yellows and oranges around the fixtures.

In the Outs

No beaches are found indoors. Hence, coastal interiors must find ways to bring the outdoors in. Homeowners don’t necessarily have to get stones, trees, and bushes in. Instead, this means maximizing sunlight and adding some greens throughout the room. This can be achieved by swapping dark curtains for flexible blinds or sheer curtains for that sunlight streaming in.

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