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The dedicated staff of Legally Clean Services offers a one-stop cleaning shop and personalized services to folks living in the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

A cleaning service is a lucrative business model requiring only a handful of personnel to create a committed team and access the necessary equipment. Yet, despite this simplicity, multiple factors are needed to succeed in the industry. 

Consider these aspects that Legally Clean Services has that make them one of the best in the State of Florida:

  • Disinfectant Deep Cleaning

Legally Clean Service’s CDC-approved products (i.e., the electrostatic cleaning system) are formulated to quickly eliminate harmful organisms while ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

  • Guaranteed Service

Legally Clean Service offers professional service from a qualified team with a proven track record and years of experience.

  • Instant Response

Legally Clean Service sees customer satisfaction as their number one goal, and in pursuit of this: within 24 hours, the team will give a response!

  • Customer Service

Legally Clean Service gives personalized cleaning services to accommodate client requests.

  • Customer Confidentiality

Legally Clean Service is dedicated to providing cleaning services to all its clients and nothing else. Rest assured that personal business is never divulged, and privacy is essential to the service.

With these qualities, a cleaning service startup can quickly become a popular demand and attract a more extensive customer base.

Types of Cleaning Service Business

Not all businesses require the same cleaning package; some only need casual services, while others require more dedicated, demanding cleaning.

Here are the general types of cleaning services offered by most agencies:

  • Residential cleaning is for domestic customers who cannot clean their domiciles because of time constraints, appointments or lack of energy, exhaustion from work, or life in general.
  • Commercial cleaning is for companies, firms, and groups with dedicated spaces or buildings, such as offices, schools, gyms, etc. They are usually done a few times a year for groups needing a deep cleaning.
  • Janitorial services are different from commercial cleaning since janitors provide service daily compared to the periodic service commercial cleaning offers. Janitors are for businesses and groups who want daily upkeep of their spaces.
  • Disinfection and sanitization are simply add-ons to other cleaning services. They are for customers concerned with viral or bacterial infections, like covid, and want a safe, healthy environment.
  • Post-construction cleaning is for customers who wish for extensive aftercare when a project is close to completion or already finished–when the service is done, the space will be ready for actual use.

Degree of Cleaning a Service Might Offer

  • Regular Cleaning

Some areas might require frequent (though not necessarily daily) cleaning, especially for those businesses whose offices have large capacities and regular foot traffic. Depending on the client’s needs, these services can occur before or after peak working hours.

Regular cleaning services provide companies with clean and neat spaces that engender positive impressions on their visitors and help areas appear more professional and organized.

  • Deep Cleaning

There are some instances where the cleaning required is beyond the degree that regular cleaning can provide and requires more professional and specialist service.

Areas that require deep cleaning include kitchens, workshops, and bathrooms, spaces where high levels of hygiene are needed, or where there is sustained filth.

Deep cleans revitalize spaces and lengthen functionality, longevity, and integrity.

  • Clinical Cleaning

More extreme cases require more thorough service than deep cleaning. Spaces like clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers—areas with increased risk of infection—demand clinical cleaning to maintain a safe, healthy and sterile environment.

Usually, clinical cleaning is beyond the capabilities of the average cleaning service.

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