Flooring is significant to any home’s interior. It creates an impression that reflects on the homeowner’s character and can also significantly impact their way of living.

Making an informed decision regarding flooring can be a bit challenging. The type, style, and flooring materials come into consideration, not to mention the budget and the kind of maintenance it requires. The owners’ lifestyle comes into play, too. Don Nash Flooring is a company specializing in carpet installation in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Carpeting is a classy, elegant way to level up flooring, and Don Nash Flooring is the perfect professional partner for that carpet flooring need.   

Being the industry experts, the company helps its customers identify the best carpets that suit their needs, homes, and lifestyle. With lots of latest and high-quality carpets to choose from, Don Nash Flooring also provides installation service that’s fast, seamless, precise, and customized to their customer’s satisfaction. 

Why invest in flooring?

Flooring is an essential part of interior design. That type of flooring a person has can significantly impact their lifestyle, which also goes to say that the type of flooring an individual has in their homes is also a reflection of their passion or personality. 

The impact of a floor starts from the moment a person walks in the front door. A floor is visual. Hence, whatever first impressions it creates tend to leave a lasting effect on its viewers. Ultimately, a floor is more about functionality. A person can have their floor with the simplest, most neutral color and design. But if the floor is not meeting the need of its occupant, if it’s hazardous and accident-prone, then that floor loses its sense of purpose, rendering it useless.

And that’s why investing in floors is a crucial part of any home’s architecture or interior design. 

Types of Floors

There are various floorings to choose from, and it can get confusing to sift through and find the right one that fits an individual’s choice for floor aesthetic and functional quality. Rather than going back to school and taking up Floor 101, we’ve broken it down into this list of the several types of floors that are functional and still trending in today’s market to make that decision-making process easy. 


Tiles are the most popular flooring types commonly used for bathroom and kitchen floors but can be used throughout the house’s floor, both interior and exterior-wise. Tiles are durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant, available in different styles, designs, textures, and colors. Because of this type of flooring’s durability, tiles are tough to crack, stain and wear and tear-resistant, making them an easy to clean and maintain floor type. Also, tiles are one of the less expensive options for floor upgrading. 


Hardwood flooring is another popular type due to its earthly and rustic undertone appeal. This type of flooring is also strong, durable, and versatile and can add a creative appeal to any home, even if not installed throughout the house. Care should be given, however, to hardwood flooring. Like any other kind of wood, water is its Achilles’ heel. Unless the hardwood floor is finished with polyurethane to make it waterproof, water can cause irreversible stains or damage to a hardwood’s surface. 


One of the most heavy-duty and affordable floor types is linoleum. This low-maintenance, eco-friendly flooring is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other high foot traffic areas. Linoleums are made from all-natural materials, such as rosins, powdered corks, pigments, linseed oil, wood flour, etc. Despite its affordability, linoleum also exudes aesthetic appeal, coming in different designs, textures and materials, colors, and patterns, suitable for just about any homeowner’s type of lifestyle.  


One of the most waterproof floorings is vinyl. This 100% moisture resistant, low-maintenance, durable floor type can be used on any interior room floor surface, be it cement, tile, granite, laminated, or other types of flat floors. Vinyl flooring is purely synthetic, a base layer made of fiberglass coated with PVC and plasticizer. Anyone can install vinyl floors by themselves, being a DIY-friendly lock and glue-down floor type. Plus, vinyl flooring is also affordable!


Carpets are one of the most versatile and go-to flooring types for bedroom interiors. Coming in various textures, designs, and colors, carpets are also cost-effective since they can be replaceable without requiring a significant overhaul or redesigning. Carpets provide comfort, insulation, and sound-proofing features, an added plus to any home features. For that carpet shopping and installation needs, Don Nash Flooring is the right professional agency for the job! Take a stride closer to achieving your dream home. Go for the right flooring that gets you the style of living you want. And if it’s carpeting you need, contact Don Nash Flooring at 612-210-2941, or visit their website at www.donnashflooring.com. Call them now, get a free estimate, and avail of that top-quality, expert carpet installation service with one of the trusted names in carpeting services!

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