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When choosing carpets for your home, it’s not enough to run your hand across a few samples or take one look and think, “This is the one.” There’s more to learn other than skimming through carpet varieties.

A homeowner needs to know many things when deciding what carpet to install at home, from what makes a good quality carpet to the best padding and the installation process. While technical knowledge may not be necessary, knowing the basics helps you in the long run.

Different factors also affect the average lifespan of carpet flooring. You must put more emphasis on its function over form. Carpet retailers will likely say that people look at carpet fibers to measure their durability. However, consider more factors before finding the right carpet, especially considering style and budget.

Take a look at the following expert advice when choosing carpet flooring:

Face Weight

The weight of the carpet face equates to the carpet pile per square yard, measured in ounces. However, this has been emphasized too much, giving customers the wrong idea that face weight determines carpet quality. While it would be easier to believe that a higher face weight equates to durability, it’s not always the case.

Density of Carpet

It pertains to how fibers are tufted/stitched together onto the carpet backing. This is a very calculated process as manufacturers need to use a specific formula to put them where they should be. In terms of determining carpets with various densities while being equal in other aspects, the higher the density value is, the more durable the carpet will be.

Fiber Twists

Fiber type, style, and density are good points to consider when choosing a carpet. But most of the time, the twists in every fiber are often overlooked; when in fact, it’s one of the best identifiers of carpet quality.

The amount of fiber strands twisted together at a time within an inch long makes a carpet fiber twist. Everyone is tagged per carpet twist number, called turns-per-inch (TPI). Professional carpet installers can do the calculations, so you won’t have to.

Fiber Type

The material in every carpet fiber largely contributes to the overall quality. It’s also true that certain carpet types work best in different rooms around the house. Nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta are some of the most common synthetic materials used in carpet flooring. Organic materials such as wool and sisal are not used as much, but they still fare excellently in the market.

Carpet Style

Most often, the style affects the purchasing choices of customers. After all, a good-looking carpet adds value and appeal to your space. Different carpet styles match other areas in your home, and you can even consult a carpet installation professional to help you check the perfect carpet style.

Manufacturer Warranty

While all carpets come with a warranty, be careful with the terms such as: “texture retention,” “abrasive wear,” and “exclusions.” They usually imply many things like factory defects they don’t fix or take back. It is best to ask a carpet installation professional for carpet manufacturers with excellent and reasonable warranties.

Don Nash Flooring: Bringing the warehouse to you

We understand that shopping for carpet flooring can be tricky, as you have a lot to navigate. However, you don’t have to worry about making the right choice. With our industry experts, Don Nash Flooring guides you into what carpet works best with every room in your home.

Our team also has in-depth experience and knowledge about the latest trends in the carpet market. Hence we recommend the ones with the best quality. And to make things easier for you, we bring samples from significant carpet mills. That way, you can choose texture, pattern, and colors.

Besides providing ample knowledge about the best carpets on the market, Don Nash Flooring also does carpet installation in Ham Lake, Minnesota. We ensure proper measurements and seamless transitions in every room through our dedication to maintaining superb quality work, extending your carpet’s lifespan. 

Improving your floors has always been challenging with Don Nash Flooring! With our effort to bring the excellent professional installation to your doorstep, you get amazing prices and efficient work. We’d love to hear from you if you want a carpet flooring upgrade.

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