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Challenging the status quo means to better serve the needs of others – our clientele, our team members, and the community.

There are many companies offering debt relief services. Most of these companies offer a good solution, but it is essential to understand all the factors that go into selecting the best debt relief company in the industry. This is the only company with the following qualifications critical to ensuring you, as our clients, get the best solution for your debts.

The following are what sets the Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller apart from other companies in the industry:

1. The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller has over 30 years of legal experience. Attorney Ronald E. Stadtmueller has been Certified by the State Bar Of California as a Bankruptcy Law Specialist. He successfully argued and helped create a “new law,” which allowed a debtor upside down in his home to strip off unsecured deeds of trust from his home. Thus, a debtor may be able to eliminate junior liens on his home when the value of his house is less than the first mortgage, in re Geyer 203 B.R. 726 (Southern District in California 1996).

Ronald received his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in finance, from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. He is authorized to practice law in all courts of California. Mr. Stadtmueller is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association and San Diego Bankruptcy Forum, where he previously served as a Member of the Board of Directors. Ronald has moderated, lectured, and served on bankruptcy discussion panels at local and State Bar seminars.

Ronald is a member of the standing panel of bankruptcy trustees for the Southern District of California, including both San Diego and Imperial counties. Before his return to California, Mr. Stadtmueller served as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for the Eastern District of Texas. He is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee as well.

2. The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller has excellent online reviews from prior clients. What clients say about a company speaks very clearly about the phenomenal service you can expect.

3. The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller team of experts with diverse backgrounds, ranging from financial planning, CPA, business owners, and more. We only employ the best qualified and most experienced people in the industry. This allows us to provide you with the best possible service and accurate information according to your circumstances.

4. The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller are proud to have the following memberships:

  • The San Diego Bankruptcy Forum
  • The National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees
  • The National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees
  • The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

5. All performance debt relief clients are managed in-house. Just as if you went to a surgeon, you expect him to care for you. The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller oversees all performance clients in-house. We perform an in-depth evaluation of your finances before advising you to file for bankruptcy. After reviewing your income, debts, and other expenses, we counsel you on the proper and total impact that bankruptcy will have on your family, business, home, and future credit. This results in the best communication, understanding, thorough response, results, and monetary savings for you.

6. The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller offers Fast Resolution and Real Debt Relief. At the Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller, we fight for your right to make a fresh start and free you from unmanageable debt and irritating creditors.

Final Remarks

When you have exhausted your resources, let the Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller help you get out of debt in San Diego and start anew. Let us evaluate your current financial situation and discuss the options available so you can regain control today. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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