Casey’s Cleaning is well-established full-service cleaning company based in Ocean County.

I started Casey’s Cleaning LLC in 1986.  was blessed to have a bus driving job that allowed me to bring my young babies with me. I needed to supplement my bus driver salary and compensate for a husband that was often between jobs.; I had time between runs. I needed an inexpensive start up business that I could work while keeping my babies with me and keeping my bus driving job.

Overhead made cleaning houses a perfect fit for my family. So, I got started using my daughter’s name, Casey, and Casey’s Cleaning was born a little over a year after she was.

I got breast cancer in 2006. After 4 operations in 2006 and radiation in 2007. Then with the recession of 2008, I started to fall behind, even though I worked mostly every day during it. I was struggling with bills and I knew I needed to develop a plan that would allow me to continue to be successful, even if it came back. So I decided to do some massive advertising and start working 17 hours a day. I needed to jump to the next level, where I would be less in the field and more working from home. I cleaned during the days, did scheduling and billing in the evening and went back out to the offices at night. Well, hard work pays off… I can now run this from anywhere. I am able to attend sporting events and school functions for my grandkids. I can be on vacation and run this. I was able to take my dad to his doctor appointments and treatment. I was there when he died. I have traveled cross county and run this from an RV.

I had been thinking how to make this bigger and I decided to franchise Casey’s Cleaning LLC throughout the USA. work. If I had other business owners running their own companies, we could be all over the country and even the world. Dream big. We got our FDD in 2019. Then 2020 hit, and the uncertainty of COVID-19 held people back until after Christmas of 2021. Since that time we have opened nine franchises and have three corporate owned locations. They are still in the beginning stages, but are doing great – some better than others.

Although, it’s a model that can be successful with the owner’s hands-on or those that want to hire from the start. We have learned the owners that are hands-on are doing better quicker. An owner mindset is priceless. Them being the face of their own business is the best recipe for being successful quicker. We don’t require real estate, such as renting an office. A desk in their house will work just fine. Their current car is fine. We don’t require anything new, just reliable. We don’t require any large purchases for equipment, which makes a start-up extremely affordable. We have a cleaning routine that is fast and efficient.

Payroll will be their largest bill, so following our plan, there will be no wasted time. We have been through the costly trial and error period, and know what works and what doesn’t. We currently get requests from all over the USA for us to start up. People want a company like ours. They want the history and the confidence knowing we are insured and bonded. we do background checks on every employee. We give them the security and peace of mind that they are looking for.

We now have 12 franchises throughout the USA.  Please Call us to have your house cleaned or buy into our franchise.

609 548 2660

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