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Mobile carpet sales in Minnesota are a convenient way to get your flooring needs! Right now, carpet tiles are becoming a staple in affordable interior design.

A recent flooring trend that has become recently popular is carpet tiles. This trend might be due to rising living costs and a strained supply line. Regardless, carpet tiles are extremely popular, especially for commercial projects. Their rise in approval is because they are practical, versatile, and easy to use. 

In any situation, carpet tiles are wonderful alternatives for wide, wall-to-wall carpeting. They don’t require costly alterations and are quite easy to install and maintain. They also have the same quality as wall-to-wall carpeting, including longevity. This makes for a healthy and comfortable interior space.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Also known as modular or square carpets, carpet tiles are made by cutting down wall-to-wall rolls into several equally sized squares. Their general sizes are as goes:

  • 48×48 cm
  • 50×50 cm
  • 60×60 cm
  • 96×96 cm

While carpet tiles are usually square-shaped, some flooring companies might provide other shapes and sizes, ranging from hexagons to triangles. However, customized cuts are sure to increase costs. So, always be on the lookout!

Qualities that Make Carpet Tiles Popular

Versatility: Carpet tiles find a wide range of flooring utilities and materials. Their modularity also allows them greater flexibility and creativity than regular carpets. They can be mixed and matched according to preference, sort of like free-reign jigsaw puzzles. Because of their inherent smallness, carpet tiles are easily rearranged and only take up a little space. 

Durability: Carpet tiles are very tough and resistant to most blunt forces. Sustained and long-lasting foot traffic is not a problem for them, as it would be for regular carpeting. Their longevity comes from their looped and tight manufacturing. Because they are low piled, dirt and other microbial substances do not get trapped easily, which contributes to the better air quality inside the room.

Convenience: For DIY enthusiasts looking to spruce up their home spaces, carpet tiles can be uncomplicated to install. Due to their size, they can be purchased in bulk for very cheap and easily stored and transported. Carpet tile installation is quick and unobtrusive, making it a perfect option for busy spaces.

Sustainability: Owing to their size and affordability, carpet tiles are some of the most environmentally friendly options for home renovation. Their installation also does not require the use of damaging adhesives, which both protect the floor and also offer lengthened reusability.

Affordability: Unlike regular carpets, carpet tiles require little space for storage. They also only need a little for installation. These two attributes make it an easy product to transport and, thus, relatively cheap to produce. 

More from Don Nash Flooring

At Don Nash Flooring, the customer is always the center of everything. With that in mind, they launched mobile carpet sales in Minnesota, specifically around the Ham Lake and Anoka County area. In a dynamic and ever-shifting climate, time is of the utmost essence, and sometimes there is not enough time to visit a mall or a store. Yet, with mobile carpet sales from Don Nash Flooring, shopping for new flooring has never been easier and quicker for the customer.

The team from Don Nash Flooring will advise you on quality options for carpeting. They will have thousands of samples at the ready from most of the major carpet mills to provide you with the broadest range of options. Their inventory has an almost limitless variety of textures, patterns, plushes, and colors. All this without ever going outside, in the comfort of your own home.

What’s there not to like? Knowledgeable and thorough with their recommendations, industry experience at your doorstep help you choose the carpets that best match your spaces.

And what’s more? After making your selection, the Don Nash Flooring team will get to work installing your choices quickly and professionally.

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