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While they take the most pride in their roofing services, this doesn’t mean Wahand Roofing stops at offering only that. At affordable prices, the company also helps commercial or residential establishments with their siding, gutter, and fencing needs.

A house can’t be a house unless it has a roof. Else, it would just be a box that can house you and your family. Undeniably, the roof is one of the essential features of a home. After all, the very reason why houses were constructed the way they are now is to keep residents safe, especially from natural events that may pose a danger, like rain, thunderstorms, or from extreme heat.

The roof ensures homeowners stay safe. But who ensures the roof is protected and well-maintained?

Wahand Roofing and Construction

Wahand Roofing was established in 2010 and has provided excellent construction services with reasonable pricing. They’re every homeowner’s wish fulfillment for an efficient yet affordable solution to damaged structural systems. From roofing issues, basement construction problems, or siding damages, Wahand Roofing assures it offers only top-tier labor for its clients. They also offer rain gutters and wood fence services.

The home might be where the heart is. But the house is where safety must be present and felt. Hence, it must get regularly checked, maintained, or repaired to ensure it does what it’s supposed to. However, personally doing so can be extremely troublesome, not to mention expensive, in instances the initial repair fails and only cause more damage.

Fortunately, companies like Wahand Roofing exists to provide their expertise in tasks homeowners can’t handle by themselves. They’re your top partner for roofing, siding, gutter, and other construction needs.

Roofing Services

Whether it’s the consequence of severe weather conditions or wear and tear, every household’s roofs must be repaired or replaced. Homeowners may choose to do any fixing by themselves. It’s the cheaper option and is relatively time-efficient compared to contacting a company and waiting for them to fix any damages. A quick DIY can save time, but with the task’s complexity, doing so can be irritating or extremely dangerous.

Wahand Roofing does all the hard work for homeowners. With roofing and re-roofing as their primary service, clients won’t expect anything less than sufficient. Regardless of the damage’s severity, Wahand Roofing can find a suitable fix. Beyond assuring clients that the reported problem gets addressed, they will inspect other roofing parts for any underlying or undetected damage.

Siding Services

Despite taking pride as a roofing company, Wahand Roofing and Construction also provides other services outside their expertise, including their siding services.

Aside from the roof, the siding is another way to boost the house’s weather protection and curb appeal. However, like any exterior feature, sidings also have a lifespan, and since they’re the house’s very exterior, this also makes them prone to chipping and cracking. But homeowners don’t have to fret. Wahand Roofing and Construction has the answer to these problems, as they offer various services, from siding reparations to total replacements or installations.

Wahand’s team provides nothing short of expert workmanship and project management to ensure the siding isn’t only installed or repaired correctly. But the client also experienced a stress-free service.

Basement Development

Some homeowners may opt to remodel their basements to improve their appearance and general quality of living, not to mention raising the house’s resale value. Basement development or renovations may be done quickly and efficiently. But it’s something homeowners don’t want to undertake on their own.

From the basement framing down to all the necessary installations, Wahand Roofing and Construction can assist homeowners’ needs. With their customers’ satisfaction as their highest priority, their experienced team assures that their demands and preferences will be met and executed perfectly.

Choose Wahand Roofing and Construction

For effective and efficient construction services, opt for Wahand Roofing and Construction. They offer free estimates for clients who are still deciding and need clarification on the services they should be getting. With their free estimate, clients can proactively negotiate or weigh down the pros and cons of getting or skipping specific services the company offers. Interested clients may contact them through their website: for further questions or inquiries.

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