Valley Forge Weight Management Center provides a custom medical weight loss program in PA, United States.

Obesity and other weight issues affect millions of Americans and the population worldwide. Despite the many developments in health science, millions still struggle to achieve a healthy weight and figure. Stores are flooded with slimming teas, pills, and fat-burning gadgets promising to fast-track weight loss. Many weight loss programs that accelerate progress often fail, leaving patients to their old unhealthy routines. One of the reasons these products and fitness programs is the lack of in-depth treatment of the weight issue. Many focus on the results. Some highlight the process or fail to provide specific solutions to a particular patient. Each individual is different and therefore requires specific attention and program. More importantly, if you are looking for an effective weight loss program, it has to be a medical weight loss approach guided by a bariatrician or a physician expert in weight loss and treating obesity.

Valley Forge Weight Management Center provides a personalized weight management solution that’s highly effective, easy to embrace, and specially designed for the patient’s dietary habits and physical activity patterns.

Valley Forge Weight Management Center is a well-known institution for custom medical weight loss program in PA, United States. The company is headed by an expert bariatrician, Dr. Adarsh Gupta. The center was established to provide lifestyle skills, so people live healthier and happier lives. Their program focuses not only on eating and exercise habits but also on mindset change and wellbeing. The program involves three steps: Initial Consultation, Personalized Support, and After Weight Loss Support.

The program begins with the most comprehensive session of all- an Initial Consultation. The visit takes around 45 minutes with Dr. Gupta. It covers a comprehensive lifestyle history check, complete health risk assessment, weight (time history), body composition assessment, personalized comprehensive nutrition, and physical activity recommendations, behavior modification, optimized sleep recommendations, and, if appropriate, prescription weight loss medications. Meal Replacements and Initial Setup are also part of the Initial Consultation.

After the Initial Consultation, the medical weight loss program begins with personalized eating and activity recommendations. Dr. Gupra will personally monitor the progress along with periodic guidance based on the Monitoring Subscription Plan purchased. Should there be no plan purchased, Dr. Gupta will discuss the personalized report at each follow-up visit via telemedicine or in-person in the office. As the program progresses and the subject begins to lose weight, medications and other aspects of the program will be adjusted to avoid adverse effects.

What makes Valley Forge Weigh Management Center great is its commitment to seeing patience succeed and continue to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Their After Weight Loss Support programs includes continued access to MyHealth Journey App. This allows Dr. Gupta to monitor the progress and provide personalized recommendations during consultation. Follow-up weight maintenance visit in 3 to 6 months or sooner if weight regains. Continued access to their shop and prescription weight loss medications are also features of their After Weight Loss Support.

About Dr. Ardash Gupta

Aside from being the Founding Medical Director of Valley Forge Weight Management Center, Dr. Ardash Gupta is also an author, speaker, and consultant specializing in medical weight loss. Dr. Gupta has over fifteen years of experience treating obese patients and those with weight management issues. Since 2006, he has helped patients through counseling and treatment and helped them achieve a healthy lifestyle and disposition.

If you want a practical and comprehensive weight loss program, book an appointment online with Dr. Ardash Gupta at the Valley Forge Weight Management Center. Visit their website today to know more about their office schedules.

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