As one of the biggest advocates of fighting against global warming, The Sustainable Village offers various services that help people contribute to this matter. They take the most pride in their automatic houseplant watering systems among their many services.

Various companies have finally recognized the countless benefits of practicing sustainability. With the growing recognized adverse effects of global warming, some corporations have taken it upon themselves to reduce their carbon footprint. They’re doing so by treating sustainability and embracing green principles as primary objectives in their operations, services, or products.

Among this growing number of sustainable companies, one stands out from the rest. While others mainly focus on producing products through environment-friendly means, this company has been built around the concept of sustainability.

An Advocate for Sustainability

Built from its founder, Steve Troy’s passion for appropriate technology, The Sustainable Village leverages using such technology and renewable energy for its services. Throughout its establishment in 1967, the company has helped countries lessen their contribution to global problems. Their services include small-scale, simple household assistance and bigger-scaled work, such as city-wide improvement. These initiatives have helped improve these countries’ environments and people’s quality of life.

Going eco-friendly may seem all that easy. But without help, it can be challenging, particularly regarding consistency. When it comes to living sustainably, eco-conscious choices matter. Hence, choose The Sustainable Village in choosing a sustainable company to help with your needs.

How does The Sustainable Village continuously deliver success?

Simple. They stay consistent with their mission. The company has aligned its mission to the collective’s benefit, such as decreasing poverty and hunger and improving safe drinking water. And all of these can be achieved through environmental sustainability.

From water scarcity to the climate crisis the world is experiencing, The Sustainable Village has continuously innovated services to alleviate them. They have provided services to improve energy generation, public health, sustainable agriculture, and safe water. With their projects, The Sustainable Village has helped save thousands of watts of electricity and gallons of water and kept the atmosphere clean from pollutants.

The Sustainable Products

The Sustainable Village currently has over 10,000 products to offer to interested customers. These products are provided through “hard technology,” which includes the designing, parts supply, delivery, training on their usage, and installation. With their holistic approach, customers are never left in the dark regarding their products.

Blumat Watering Systems

Among their numerous products, the company takes the most pride in using the cost-effective, appropriate technology, the Blumat Watering System. This is an automatic houseplant watering system, which is an effective way to fight global warming.

It comprises two components: the water supply and the plant container system. The water supply must be constantly supplied with water as it’s an automated device. The Blumat system then releases regulated water doses to provide ample moisture for plants. With this automated method, the Blumat system helps its users water their plants while saving massive amounts.

Moisture Meter

The Sustainable Village also provides moisture meters to assure users that their plants don’t drown from too much water. Users can put them near plants to measure the soil’s percentage of water. When the Blumat watering system automatically waters the plants, the moisture meters ensure the water is the right amount – not too little or too much.

Garden Bed Kits

Garden beds exist for easier gardening, weed control, and harvesting. With The Sustainable Village, users can choose from different variations of their garden bed kits, depending on their needs. Sustainable Village provides an extensive chart of available layouts as a customer-friendly company. Interested customers can use this to find the garden kit suitable for their needs.

These are only three of the plethora of products The Sustainable Village offers. Each is essential in ensuring the household or the city is eco-friendly and sustainable. If interested, check out their products on their website:

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