Proof Culture is a team of tech-loving sneakerheads providing quality and affordable solutions to sneaker cleaning and other footwear issues.

Proof Culture is not just a sneaker cleaning and restoration company. They are the number one go-to shop for all your sneaker needs, including accessories, maintenance tips, sneaker shopping, customization, and many others. Proof Culture is composed of tech-loving sneakerheads Richard, Erron Combs, Omar Cochran, and John Jankowski. Their passion and love for sneakers have provided them with the skills and tools to solve every sneaker-related problem expertly.

Proof Culture specializes in a wide array of sneaker restoration services not found in any other sneaker cleaning enterprise.

Below are some of the primary sneaker services that Proof Culture provides for its beloved customers.

Sneaker Yellowing– Over time, our sneakers turn yellow whether we wear our shoes less frequently. It is a condition that affects all footwear, especially sneaker shoes. Luckily for you, Proof Culture is an expert in tidying up sneaker yellowing to make your pairs look brand new.

Sneaker Cleaning– Sneaker cleaning sounds like a DIY job. But suppose you want your precious sneakers cleaned by professional sneaker cleaners using top-of-the-line sneaker cleaning products and technology to remove scuffs, stains, and other debris from your sneaker. In that case, Proof Culture is all you need.

Nike Air Bubble– Cloudy Nike Air Bubbles are a common problem. Leave your worries behind as Proof Culture guarantees to have your Nike Air looking clear and clean in no time.

Icy Soles– Aside from providing cleaning services specific for yellow and icy soles, Proof Culture also provides a Masterclass so you can all learn how to Ice Sneakers with sole sauce!

Sneaker Creasing – Sneaker creasing is typical with people who happen to wear the wrong shoe size. Worry no more as Proof Culture is an expert in handling shoe creasing and sole bending problems.

Sneaker Dye– Dyeing sneakers or shoes in general looks easy, as long as you have the proper materials and techniques to do it. With Proof Culture, all you have to do is bring your pairs to them, and they’ll give it back to you, looking bright and new in no time.

Replacement Soles for Sneakers– Heel drag and midsole crumbling are the two biggest sole problems. Suppose you have a donor sole, then great. Otherwise, Proof Culture can point you in the right direction to get one, and they will happily reglue your replacement soles for sneakers.

Proof Culture for your Vintage sneaker repair and restoration.

Sneaker Repair- Whether it’s a vintage sneaker, a Nike shoe, or any type of sneaker, Proof Culture is the number one service company you should look for. Skills meet technology and quality products at Proof Culture. When it comes to sneaker repair and restoration, Proof Culture is the most reliable. You wouldn’t want your precious Jordans handled by anyone else except the guys at Proof Culture.

Aside from cleaning and restoration services, Proof Culture provides the following products and accessories:

  • Shoelaces

Proof Culture provides Jordan shoelaces, Italian leather laces, and gold aglets for reasonable price rates. For your Jordan 11 laces, contact Proof Culture now.

  • Sneaker Accessories
Black Spiderman Custom Nike AF1 Shoes Black Spiderman Custom Nike AF1 Shoes

Are you looking for Sneaker Tees and Shoe Trees for Sneakers? Proof Culture guarantees quality shoe trees and sneaker tees, and other shoe accessories.

  • Custom Sneaker Designs

Proof Culture also does custom sneaker designs. All you have to do is submit your idea or design below via their order form, select your budget, and staff from Proof Culture will contact you to create a fantastic pair of custom kicks!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Proof Culture today for your sneaker cleaning and restoration needs. You can reach them at +(216) 245.3231. You can also email them at [email protected] or [email protected] visit their official website for more information.

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