Home repair, renovations, upgrades, or improvements typically takes time and money. It is similar to having an investment: a person invests in keeping and maintaining their house to achieve that quality of living in a dream home. Precisely what One Handy Haole Services in Makawao, in Hawaii, offers. The company provides handyman services for those planning to remodel, renovate, improve or make some repairs to their home. And since the handymen of One Handy Haole are trained experts in providing home fix solutions, the homeowners are guaranteed to expect nothing but the best and professional output from the services offered by the company.

Home Renovating

Renovating a home is a big project. Some people chose to do DIY for home renovation to save money but ended up spending more than they would have thought. Although DIYs are cost-saving, still, if a person is not an expert in home renovation, they would go through a costly trial and error process figuring out what works well, backing up if things are not going their way, and then doing things all over again to try to achieve the desired outcome. 

With professional handymen, similar to those at One Handy Haole, the homeowner saves time and money from entrusting the big job of home renovation to the expert handymen. Trained handymen know the right way to do the job and the tools and equipment needed to get the job done. They can also easily spot issues within the house that need attention and need to be fixed immediately before it becomes a blown up, major repair problem, hence saving money for the owner. In One Handy Haole, the handyman works alongside the homeowner, ensuring that the exact requirements are met for the renovation. The goals are worked out together with the company’s home remodelers to formulate a plan to best approach the renovation project. Some of the clients’ favorites remodeling services include kitchen remodeling, custom deck installations, home additions, flooring installations, condo renovations, and many more!

Bathroom Remodeling

One Handy Haole also offers bathroom remodeling services. One of the main reasons why bathrooms need to be remodeled or upgraded from time to time is that the older the bathroom gets, especially from constant use, rusts develop in the bathroom pipes, which leads to leakage and the eventual increase in the water bill. The team at One Handy Haole not only spots these leaks and corrosion, but they also make sure that the pipes are fixed or replaced to prevent a major water leak and damage and replace lighting fixtures as necessary. Aside from the repairs and fixes, the handymen team also makes sure that the bathroom interior meets the need and comfort of the owner or the user. That includes redesigning the bathroom space to give way to the specifications provided by the owner.

Benefits of Home Renovation

More than just meeting the basic needs, people put a lot into renovating their homes. Aside from achieving an aesthetic quality, homeowners wanted to maximize their houses’ functionality fully. This includes redesigning unused rooms into an entertainment room or a storage room or doing away with the extra rooms to create a bigger living room space, and many more. Another benefit of home renovation is that it boosts the house property value in the market. The price in the market for the overall house includes whatever upgrades were done to beautify the house. Since home renovation includes upgrading appliances, saving money on utilities is another payoff when home appliances are upgraded. How? Today’s appliances include new models that are energy-saving, thereby a big savings factor when it comes to the electric bill.  


When undertaking a major home project, it is best to utilize professional handymen services, such as the services of the One Handy Haole company. Home repair, remodeling, and construction are made fast, easy, and successful by One Handy Haole. 

Planning to do a home renovation? Contact One Handy Haole company now at (808) 425-2201. One Handy Haole is located at 3604 Pahala St., Makawao, HI, 96768. They’re open Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Or, visit their website at www.onehandyhaole.com. Call them now, and make that living in a dream house come to life!

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