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Be with the legal team that has your best interest at heart. With a proven track record of excellent client-oriented experience, Legal Shield delivers a legal service that’s effective, successful, affordable, and, most of all, easily accessible!

Do problems at work and dispute with your boss keeps you up late at night? Do you find yourself in a jittery and anxious state each time the phone rings, thinking it might be another call from the credit collection agency? Are you feeling uneasy over a business contract you’ve just recently signed, especially regarding the terms and conditions listed in the contract?

There is no other way to break this to you, but it looks like what you need is a professional consultation. In this case, a legal consultation.

Legal Shield offers professional legal consultation that could help get you the answers, relief, and resolutions you need. Offering legal services and consultation in Oregon, the United States, and Canada, Legal Shield has been successfully protecting over 4.5 million individuals and 140,000 businesses across North America with affordable, mobile, and personalized solutions, making legal remedies easily accessible for everybody.

Legal Shield – Empowering Clients

The power is in your hands – literally.

This is the aim that Legal Shield promises to deliver – and fulfill – to its clients. For over 48 years, the law firm worked to build long-standing partnerships with high-quality law firms all across the United States and Canada. And that relationship has resulted in a strong network of over 900 professional lawyers, achieving that goal of legal consultation and services made readily available to whomever and whenever needed.  

It’s also about simplicity.

Legal Shield offers the best online legal services in the market. The firm’s simple online service provides excellent support, 24/7, with live chat and emergency consultations at affordable monthly payment plans for individuals and small businesses. Also, the law firm’s friendly-user app can give clients access to their available legal benefits and perks anytime.  

What They Offer

Becoming a Legal Shield member opens up a world of protection and security. Whether for an individual or family, a small business, or a business owner about to start a business, Legal Shield has the following plans to fit each need. So, say goodbye to those “one size fits all” legal solutions!

Individuals & Families 

The perfect legal membership plan for you and your family! Do away with a costly per-hour legal consultation charge, and avail of Legal Shield’s monthly subscription plan. For only $29.95 per month, individuals or families will get the following: unlimited advice and consultations; help in drafting Last Wills and Testaments; aid in resolving financial disputes; assist in making contacts and writing letters on your behalf; legal document reviews; help reduce fines on auto tickets; legal protection, and many more.

Once signed up, the customer support team will automatically connect you to the nearest lawyer in your area specializing in the specific legal issues you’re having.

Small Business Legal Services

Legal Shield’s Small Business Legal Plans are designed to cover various business legal concerns at an affordable monthly subscription payment for business owners. Business owners can choose among the following subscriptions: Small Business Legal Essentials, Small Business Legal Plus, and Small Business Legal Pro.

Small Business Legal Plans subscriptions provide accessible advice, consultation, and research services, covering issues such as hiring/firing, small claims, equipment leases, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant disputes, customer complaints, vendor issues, identity theft, workers’ compensation, and many more. The subscriptions also come with business legal document reviews, writing collection letters, writing legal letters, or making phone calls on behalf of your business.

Launch by Legal Shield

Need help with starting your business? Launch by Legal Shield can help you confidently launch your business, along with three-months-worth of legal support and guidance from your dedicated law firm. This package includes forming your single member LLC, consultation with an expert business formation lawyer, business name check, securing Federal Tax ID (EIN), help filing legal business documents, Articles of Organization, etc.

The application for Launch by Legal Shield is easy. Complete the formation purchase, complete the information asked from the questionnaire, wait for a scheduled consultation with your assigned lawyer, then sit back and let Legal Shield’s team of lawyers do the rest of the paperwork and application heavy lifting for you!

Start on the Right Track

Finding the right legal solutions doesn’t need to be a stressful or expensive process. Be with the legal team that’ll give you the protection and legal relief that’s effective and affordable. Most of all, be with professional lawyers with proven years of experience that can help provide solutions suitable for your needs. Ready for that smooth and convenient legal process and expertise? Start on the right track. Call  (503) 750-2883, or click the link and get in touch with Legal Shield now.

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