Gutter installation in Dundalk, Maryland, is specialized because of the cold, wet weather on the East coast.

Gutter maintenance is often an ignored part of a home’s roof. Gutters are designed to carry mainly rain and melting snow from the roof to the ground below. Their design is simple, and the operation is easily understood. Gutters protect a house from severe water damage and ensure the home’s structural integrity.

Fundamentally, water follows the slope of a roof to the gutter and travels through the gutter to the downspout, which carries it to the house’s base. Typically, it is diverted away from the basement and foundation at the ground level to prevent flooding and other water damage. Often there is a splash block at the base of the downspout to further send the water away from the dwelling.

Gutter installation in Dundalk is like everywhere else; it is incredibly important to protect the home from rain and water damage. Without a properly installed gutter system, moisture from snow and rain could cause rot, deterioration, or mold. The damage is compounded by weakening the shingles, soffit, and fascia. In addition, gravity pulls the water from the roof to windows, siding, and finally, the foundation. Properly installed gutters will prevent water pooling against the foundation to weaken the integrity of the foundation and cause flooding in the basement. Gutters prevent all of this from occurring! Proper gutter installation in Dundalk by a company such as GMP Construction can also ensure protection against heavy storms and high winds, which can misalign a gutter system. Additionally, a home may be in danger of erosion and landscape design damage without proper installation.

Special consideration is given for gutters installed in colder climates like Maryland. Snow and icy conditions create an environment where ice buildup may occur, and ice dams are more likely to form. Gutters do not cause ice to build up or ice dams, but faulty gutters can create additional issues, particularly if the gutters are clogged or sloped incorrectly. Gutter installation in Dundalk may provide details about other ice dam solutions, including ice shields, ice rails, and even heating cables.

It is essential to consider the type of gutter to install on a home. Sectional gutters are generally vinyl or plastic and need to be joined at every length. Sectional gutters do not stand up to the elements as well as seamless gutters. Today most companies that install gutters offer seamless gutter installation. Seamless gutters are created on-site to perfectly fit a home. Once a technician takes the measurements of each gutter, they create one-piece gutters to fit the home. Some advantages of seamless gutters include being repaired more quickly, being stronger materials, and being installed quicker.

Over the past few years, gutter manufacturers have been offering the addition of a “gutter guard” or “gutter helmet” or a “leaf-guard.” Installation of a guard is to eliminate debris from accumulating in the gutter and ultimately clogging a downspout, causing water to back up.

There are a variety of guard designs. Most guards are designed to fit over the gutter, causing the gutter to act as a tunnel carrying water while the debris falls to the ground. Some gutter guards are designed to calculate the speed of rain pouring and determine how much water can be accumulated at one time. In heavy rains, the guard provides maximum protection keeping all velocities of water thoroughly drained and the home well protected.

Gutters that do not drain properly will overflow and cause damage to the concrete, foundation, and landscaping. Also, water build-up in a clogged gutter can leak into the interior roof walls, rot the fascia and damage the soffit. Notwithstanding, a clogged gutter system with standing water is also a haven for mosquitos, earwigs, ants, and other pests. That is why it is essential to have a proper gutter installation in Dundalk and surrounding areas of Maryland. GMP Construction serves Maryland residents in a radius of 200 miles from Dundalk.

Sectional gutters are generally made of vinyl or plastic and need to be joined at every length. Seamless gutters are made of aluminum. Gutter guards are generally made with stainless steel mesh fabricated from aluminum. These specialized materials are designed to withstand the Maryland winters. While gutters may not be an exciting topic, gutters are an essential part of ensuring your home’s exterior and interior are protected from the elements. Contact GMP Construction for a free estimate and inspection when considering gutter installation in Dundalk and surrounding areas.

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