Clean Water International aims to provide water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) education and technology solutions to households and communities.

Water covers seventy-one percent of our planet’s surface, yet the world is experiencing a water crisis. In many parts of the world, drinking water is scarce. In some places, people don’t have access to clean and potable water, while water-borne diseases are rampant in other parts of the globe. The solution to all these is clean, accessible, and free water. Today, we will feature an organization committed to providing clean water and ensuring basic water, sanitation, and hygiene education for children and communities – Clean Water International.

What is Clean Water International?

Clean Water International is a non-profit Organization Management. It was founded in 2011. Their headquarters is in Dana Point, Canada. Clean Water International specializes in water projects, water technologies, community empowerment, sustainable development goals, SDG6, disaster relief, WASH in Schools, water education, water sanitation, hygiene, biosand, chlorination, and water treatment. Recently, they celebrated their 10th anniversary. Clean Water International also works with various communities, partner organizations, and donors. 

Clean Water International is headed by its founder and CEO, Darrell Nelson. Nelson previously worked in IT industries and is now into philanthropy. While on an assignment in the Philippines, he saw children and communities living in adverse poverty. This experience had a profound effect on Nelson. It inspired him to give back to the community.

Sharing Programs and Technologies

Clean Water International has been providing top-of-the-line products and technologies for ten years now. Clean Water International manufactures ceramic filters using local materials. These filters provide clean drinking water to households and families. Their 2,000-litre Village Biosand Water Filter is excellent for rural schools, camps, and small communities. This signature product can provide potable water for over 900 people per day. A smaller version, the household biosand water filters designed for family use, can last for over 25 years and provide 50 litres of potable water each day.

Clean Water International has introduced the Sawyer Point One water filters for countries often visited by calamities and natural disasters. They are portable water filters of choice designed for disaster response. A single unit can accommodate one family, and a five-filter design can serve a small community. Moreover, Clean Water International is also an expert in well construction and well & spring rehabilitation. They also provide rainwater collection solutions.

In the Philippines, Clean Water International has partnered with AID Foundation Philippines and used their Hydraulic Ram Pumps to pipe water from rivers using gravity and water pressure.

Building toilets that use a biological process called composting and designing and constructing handwashing stations for communities and schools are some of the programs under Clean Water International. Desalination or converting seawater and brackish water into drinkable water through reverse osmosis is also one of their programs.

Aside from providing products and technologies, Clean Water International is also committed to educating schools on UNICEF three-star guide, menstrual hygiene, community water, sanitation, hygiene education. They also work closely with communities, partners, and donors to ensure responsible planning and management of resources and build healthy relationships with them. Each product and built-on site also creates jobs for people. Technologies also consider community needs assessment and partner preferences.

Clean Water International signature products include:

– Ceramic Water Filters

– Household Biosand Water Filters

– Village Biosand Water Filters

– Handwashing Stations

– Eco-Friendly Toilets.

Clean Water International Partners

Clean Water International represents international partners engaged in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) projects. CWI’s on-the-ground expertise provides our partners with sustainable projects, and their signature products can be co-branded with their partner’s logos. Clean Water International teams will also wear our partner’s branded shirts for promotion and fundraising efforts. These partnerships are about helping as many children, families, schools, and communities as we possibly can.

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