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Your home is a reflection of you. Hence, care and attention should be carefully given when considering home improvement or renovation. It would be best if you made sure that you partnered with the perfect team who’ll give you the best results. 

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen space? Is your floor beginning to look drab and dreary, desperate for an upgrade? Or, are you looking forward to leveling up your bathroom amenities and making the whole space undergo an utterly new transformation? 

Then it would be best if you had the right construction partners for the job.  

7G Contracting is the go-to expert for the high-quality construction services you’ll need for your home. With over 15 years of professional construction management, including interior layout remodeling services, this construction firm could innovatively and cost-effectively apply and combine science and art into their finished products. 

About 7G Contracting

Winner of the HomeStars Best Awards for 2021 and 2022, 7G Contracting has consistently received positive reviews from both ends – clients and suppliers – for their quality and professional services rendered in the construction field. 

With a broad experience in the renovation of houses in the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years, the construction firm has helped hundreds of homeowners fulfill and achieve their dream homes. The firm works closely with the industry’s top architects and interior designers to strategically implement your house’s objectives regarding convenience, functionality, and aesthetic craftsmanship. 

Services Offered

Bathrooms Upgrades

7G Contracting takes bathroom upgrades into the next step with the industry’s leading interior designers. Whether it’s a simple bathtub transformation, a standing shower, or a complete overhaul bathroom remodeling, the construction firm seeks nothing but customer-guaranteed satisfaction with attractive interior layouts – the whole bathroom package works! And as expected, you’d be assured that every work is fined to perfection and meets quality standards. 

Kitchen Cabinet

It is normal wanting to work and cook in a kitchen where everything is convenient, within your reach, and not to mention aesthetically tasteful. After all, most cooks get inspired to cook when their surrounding is beautiful and functional. 

7G puts that goal to work and helps their clients achieve their dream kitchen and level ups kitchen space and storage through quality-designed cabinets that fit the kitchen interior perfectly. The firm produces attractive interior layouts in 3D throughout the planning stage so that its clients will get a feel beforehand about the actual result. 

The outcome? You’d get a kitchen that meets your needs and a kitchen with features that maximize beauty and functionality.  

Space Remodeling & Transformation

You might feel that your living room is beginning to feel too constricting with all the furniture and appliances around. Or, the interior is seemingly looking boring with the same color it has all this time ever since you bought the house. Whatever you feel needs to improve or change, 7G puts down a perfect layout to help you get the most out of your requirements from living room space. 

So, suppose it’s a simple change of load-bearing or partition wall or even a skylight insertion with vaulted ceilings. In that case, you can be assured that you get complete professional engineering and architectural services to level up your space’s luxury and functional results. 

Floor Finishes

Floorings come in different types and requirements. Some top flooring types include hardwood, ceramic, stone, marble, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and carpet. Whatever your choice of floor type, 7G has a network of the best flooring supplies to work with that can provide the best flooring materials to suit your floor needs. 

From floor removal sub-floor preparation to floor finishing installation, you’d be assured that 7G has your back to help you achieve a floor that meets all quality standards. 

For the Construction Services, You Can Trust

7G Contracting proudly stands by its commitment to producing quality works that are guaranteed customer satisfaction. The firm has built a good and trusted customer relationship and will continue for years.  

For that home improvement and renovation job that’s excellent meets your budget, and achieves your goal of a dream house, contact 7G Contracting now at 905-781-0699. Send them an email to get a quote at [email protected], or visit their website at

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