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One Handy Haole is the best home remodeling contractor in Makawao, prioritizing the homeowner’s peace of mind and satisfaction and delivering creative results that suit their needs.

Hawaii is one of the most pristine, serene places in the world, mostly untouched by human hands and full of life and nature. Settled by the Polynesians long ago and then colonized by European and American explorers, the archipelago has always been a destination for people wanting a quiet and lush space. So, despite the incredibly high housing costs, it is no surprise that the far-off State of Hawaii is a popular target for domestic and international migration. 

Who wouldn’t want to live in an island paradise largely untouched by human conduct and modern sprawl?

So, for folk in Hawaii wanting reliable hands to touch their beloved homes, One Handy Haole is a home remodeling contractor in Makawao, HI, who will give you that secure and shiny finish! Regardless of what you’re looking for: traditional, contemporary, or something entirely and uniquely yours, they provide the best results and want to help you build your dream home.

What Makes One Handy Haole One of the Best

Looking for the right contractor is a serious business. You are looking for someone to help you realize your dream home accordingly and appropriately. You are handing these people the reins of your dreams, so knowing they have excellent skills, adequate experience, the necessary tools, and a well-trained team is a load off your shoulders.

Here are some factors that are generally desired in a remodeling team that One Handy Haole easily meets:

  • Experience. Years on the job are always a top consideration. Some might be bold enough to stake a chance with a recent starter-up, but the experience is a must for most people: the more extended service, the better. One Handy Haole has been working for twenty years, and in those years, the team has been attached to many varied projects and learned various skills.
  • Results. Experience might be a good indicator of talent, but a better sample might be looking into the team’s portfolio and the outcomes of their projects. Completed projects are evidence of a team’s creativity, initiative, and attention to detail. It also helps clients study if the team’s current results align with their vision and direction. One Handy Haole might have experience with everything, but they are competent in various home styles and possess enough ingenuity to meet client demands reliably.
  • Cost. Another thing that clients are always on the lookout for is contractors who are cheap but can deliver. It is always in the client’s best interests to be economical with their remodeling projects, but it is challenging to meet those needs while looking for guaranteed results. One Handy Haole delivers high-quality craft at great, affordable prices because customer satisfaction is always their goal.

How to Know Your Remodeling Contractor

Of course, saying that One Handy Haole is at the peak of its game shouldn’t be enough. When choosing the team that can give the best results for the remodeling, a client should have complete confidence that they can deliver.

Here are some tips to get to know a contractor better: 

  • Referrals and References—always get testimony from previous clients. Word of mouth may be varied, but it is highly reliable, especially in small communities.
  • Credentials and Character—don’t simply take anything or anyone for their word. Be ready to spare the time and effort to research and stay informed of licenses and designations from prospective contractors.

Remodeling in Hawaii

The Hawaiian island chain is a thing of natural beauty. Regardless of where you are in the archipelago, it is always best to find out what works and stick to the qualities that make residing in Hawaii like nothing else.

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