Beauty might only be skin deep, but a healthy and beautiful skin is an essential clue to your overall health. The skin, which is our first layer of defense against the outside world, also needs its nourishment to continue doing what it is that it needs to do. 

Dry skin is what happens when skin is not correctly cared for. Dry skin may be harmless, but it can worsen and complicate into Atopic dermatitis or what we call eczema, along with other infections. Not only does it make you unhealthy, but it also does not look good on you. 

Natural ingredients are the best things to combat these dermal threats. Ingredients like papaya, aloe Vera and cucumber are among the growing number of ingredients discovered that promote healthy and beautiful skin. 

Using skincare and beauty products with the following natural ingredients can lead to a glow-up in your beauty no matter the skin color. Promote smooth skin with MGC natural products that use these ingredients.


 Papaya or papaws (pawpaws) are tropical climate fruits mostly known for their sweet taste, vibrant color, and a wide variety of positive effects on health. Once a hard-to-get exotic fruit, it is now primarily available most times of the year. Consuming papaya has the possible benefits of reducing the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It also aids in digestion and improves glucose control for people with diabetes. It can also lower blood pressure.

 Papaya is mainly composed of an enzyme called papain. When papaya is topically used, it can promote skin healing and regeneration. It also encourages and enhances the secretion of collagen, which keeps the skin healthy and promotes skin elasticity. has a papaya soap bar which you can get for $8.98.

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 These little green fruit may often be mistaken for otherwise, but their health benefits are without a doubt. Cucumbers have a mild refreshing taste that makes them pleasant to eat in hot summer weather. Their high water content does wonders to help combat dehydration. 

 Hydration is not the only use for cucumbers. They are also good fruits to consume for cardiovascular health, diabetes, and the promotion of bone health. 

 The effects of cucumber as beauty products have been proven since time immemorial. Cucumber eye masks have been used since forever. Their forte is skin hydration, but they can also be used to cool and soothe the skin to combat swelling and irritation. Cucumbers can also be used to help alleviate sunburn.

 Millag Glow Collection, LLC also carries a soap bar with natural aloe, cucumber, and eucalyptus oil for $9.75

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 These root vegetables are among the healthiest of the bunch. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Famous around the world, these feisty fruits have multiple health benefits ranging from diabetes control to digestive health. Probably the most famous use for carrots is the propaganda of how they can be used to develop your eyesight. A fact that is sadly proven as mostly just myth.

Although the eye thing is just plain baloney, the benefits carrots bring are something to behold. Vitamin A, which is contributing factor to various bodily functions, is mainly found in carrots. They are suitable for combatting follicular hyperkeratosis, which can cause dry, bumpy skin. 

You can get a Carrot Soap Bar for $7.99 from Milla Glow Collections LLC through their website.

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These are among the most common natural ingredients added to your natural beauty products. Combined with other natural ingredients like kojic and Aloe Vera Extract, they become very influential in preserving that smooth, silky skin that everyone wants. 

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