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Cleaning your home or your office is a BIG investment. Fortunately, one company can give you what you want and need – with the highest quality standards – when it comes to cleaning services. 

We all have days when we would walk inside our house, flop down on the couch, and feel too tired to move around and tidy up the room that looked like a tornado just hit it – probably an aftermath of you leaving your home in a rush to avoid getting late at work. 

Coming home from work, all burned out and everything, seeing your house in a messy state sometimes becomes too much to bear. And even on your weekends, you’d rather spend these days lazing around and doing your much-needed “me-time” than house cleaning takes the backseat time and time again. 

What do you do in this case?

Call the professionals – and in this instance, the professionals at cleaning services. 

This is where ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services comes in. 

All About ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services

The family that started ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services, offering cleaning solutions such as commercial cleaning in Iowa City, has been with the cleaning industry since 2001 and has gone into business since 2013. That familial relationship echoed throughout the company, as employees working for the group are considered part of the family instead of just workers. The cleaning group strives to develop and nourish good relations with community organizations such as the Iowa City Shelter House, Goodwill, and the VA. 

To this day, ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services proudly boasts loyalty, productivity, and quality – all three features are present in how they run their business, as evident in their excellent, 100% client-satisfied guaranteed work output. 

Services Offered

Whatever your cleaning needs are, ACS is definitely up to the task. 

From start to finish, the cleaning services company works with its clients to ensure that requirements are met to achieve that spotlessly clean and well-sanitized indoor space. Some of the services offered include:

  • Commercial Cleaning

Professional cleaners do commercial cleaning on business offices, services, buildings, and other business industry infrastructure. Some commercial cleaning services include office cleaning, hotel housekeeping, medical facility cleaning, sports and leisure spaces cleaning, ventilation and window cleaning, etc. 

What makes this cleaning job significant? 

Many benefits come with hiring professionals to clean your office or business space for you. Aside from the time-saving factor, professional cleaning services are also cost-efficient. They’d get the cleaning job done for you in less time and in no time with their expertly trained staff and the latest tools when it comes to commercial cleaning. 

Plus, you’d undoubtedly want to make a good impression on your customers that minute they walked into your office! 

  • Residential Cleaning

Now, this is a must for every homeowner! Especially with the ongoing rage of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’d certainly want your home free from pollutants, allergens, and pathogens. 

But cleaning on the DIY route is no guarantee that you can successfully remove all of that stubborn dirt, grime, grease, and virus-carrier compounds that seemed to be kin to playing hide-and-seek. 

Don’t worry, because ACS – Affordable Cleaning Services can step in and save the day for you! Not only will you get to relish breathing in clean and healthy indoor air, save time and money, and get rid (finally!) of all of that dirt and germs hidden in every nook and cranny, you’d get to relax, enjoy, and spend your hours on other essential things, and bask in the excellent job that ACS will achieve for you. 

  • Carpet Cleaning

  Have you got floor carpet coverings? Then you might want to consider maintaining its quality with a thoroughly and expertly handled carpet cleaning service that can capably remove stains and deep-seated dirt to prevent damage and make the age of your carpet go faster. 

  • Property Manager Services

If you are a property owner or a landlord of an apartment, you might want to consider an effectively done cleaning job on your building. ACS will give you peace of mind, knowing that your property is in good hands when it comes to being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 

  • Post Construction

Have you just finished construction or building tasks? Leave the post-cleaning work to the professionals. ACS can clean out all the mess left behind by the construction work, which includes cleaning all cabinets, shelves, appliances, and furniture inside and out, properly disposing of trash and debris, as well as checking to see for any safety issues such as leaks, loose wires, etc. 

  • Move-In/Out Services

If you’re planning to move to a different location or house, ACS can guarantee that both spaces you’ll leave behind and transfer to will be clean and ready for you. This can undoubtedly save you a great deal of time during your transition! 

  • COVID Cleaning

Do you want to feel safe and protected against COVID-19 inside your homes or offices? Then it would be best if you had a thorough cleaning and disinfecting service to ensure that the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are virus-free. 

Contact THE Best in the Cleaning Industry

ACS – Affordable Cleaning Services guarantees their clients 100% work result satisfaction. Contact them at (319) 471-3880, email at [email protected], or visit their website at Call them now, and get the best service for cleaning your home or office!

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