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Here are trends in content marketing for digital services in Canada that all web traffic optimizers need to know of during this coming month of June 2023.

For someone in the digital marketing space, it is imperative to always be on the up and up. Even just being a step behind (metaphorically) can be a death knell to the company that you are representing. 

This is not because there is a constant need to always be a mile ahead of the competition but because the fluid nature of the marketing landscape means that you always have to be in tandem with your audience all the time. 

Any slip-up is a potential disaster waiting around the corner, you see.

The Benefits of Staying Up-to-date with Content Marketing Trends

Having one eye on the myriad changes in the industry gives you the added benefit of helping you tailor your content to match the specific needs of the audience in any given period of time. 

Being meticulous in your research may also provide you with new avenues to expand your audience by helping you identify new channels to use, new types of content to create, and new ways to engage with your already existing audience. 

Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For this June 2023

The face of digital marketing is always in flux. It is best described as like the ocean, where it’s quiet one day and there’s a cyclone on the other. While there are predictable dips and humps, overall, it is not something to be taken lightly–unless you are already part of a well-established, multinational corporation (and if you are reading this article, you probably aren’t one, or are just a curious goober). 

In the midst of this constant up-and-down, one thing is established to be true: looking out for what new fad, new gimmick, or new thing is always a learning experience–both on how to survive in the digital space and also how to better market the services and products you are representing.

So, for this month of June, you better be on the lookout for these content marketing trends:

An Ever-Evolving AI Infrastructure

While there has been a sort-of arms race between machine-learning (so-called AI) algorithms and systems to counter these products, the space is still a witness to massive changes and significant leaps forward. 

What does this mean for content marketing trends in the future, though?

One of the more promising uses of AI is that there are now tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard that can quickly and automatically write textual outputs. And this is not even mentioning the rising popularity of AI-generated artwork. 

What does this mean, and how will it help digital marketing?

Through further refinement of these tools, it will now be easier to create templates for articles and blogs–and all that a content writer or artist has to do is tweak some things here and there to make it more presentable and legible to a general audience. 

While there are still some questions about the ethics and legality of AI, the future of its continued and widespread looks bright. 

A More Reliable Network for Social Commerce

The internet is becoming more and more the first place that consumers are visiting to consider where to buy their products and services from. Knowing about that: it is no wonder why social media platforms are scrambling to create methods to better monetize the content found on their platforms and provide users, especially business owners, and companies, the capacity to establish online storefronts and shops. 

What this means for future content marketing trends is that content creators now have another avenue for revenue. 

By directly tying your products and services to the content you provide, you are explicitly saying that your website or page should be the first place where customers and consumers should visit to partake in your products and services.

If you are looking for out-of-the-box but reliable content marketing services in Canada, Orange Digital Technologies is waiting for your call.

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