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Web traffic and digital technologies trends are quick to change. That’s why Orange Digital Technologies pay attention to the latest and most recent news in the scene.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite a busy scene; it’s always in flux and never at a standstill. It feels like almost every month; there’s a new invention or discovery that looks like it’s going to upend everything that had been a mainstay in the space. And the most concerning thing is it’s very difficult to ignore one thing—where a new update may specifically counter one thing, the consequences of that focus can have widespread ramifications. That’s because Google is forever refining its algorithm to better serve a more worthwhile experience for its user base.

Understanding this: it is quite important that analysts, clients, business owners, and providers like Orange Digital Technologies actively engage with the buzzing of the SEO industry and accurately finger the pulse of this dynamic environment. Not staying ahead of the curve in SEO is a death sentence, and that’s why even experts must reevaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and the integrity of their foundations.

While the paradigm shifts in the search engine optimization landscape are quick, and trends may go stale after just a few months, it is still important to learn from whatever fads do make a breakthrough and learn from them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends in May 2023

Focusing on Image SEO

Although it has always existed since images were incorporated into blogging, image SEO is still often ignored quite handily on a lot of web pages even though they contribute greatly to ranking improvements, especially in image searches, which 36% of users engage in. 

The images on pages hold a secret: they can provide more SEO engagement via the alt-text feature: helping sites diversify with their keywords and such.

In recent years, Google has really taken another look at alt-text SEO and has begun to incorporate them more in rankings. This is because the alt-text features help widen access to more users who may have better use with text-only content, especially those who have deficiencies in their eyesight or people whose internet connection cannot sustain images. 

Making Contered Tailored to Your Audience

In the past, the criteria for content writing were always centered around search engine optimization. Although this is still a critical baseline for creating content, the proliferation of pro-SEO practices has somewhat leveled the playing field, and there has been a sort of renaissance of content angles recently. 

Google’s crawlers are quite strict when it comes to content moderation and scrutiny. If a website that promotes children’s literature begins to write content about firearms, that is going to be something of a red flag–so there is a need to think outside the box while trying to square up with the box. Confusing, yeah?

The newest and most effective trend for content creation is no longer to simply base everything around SEO but to cater to the desired audience as well. The proverbial icing on the cake, so to speak. 

Therefore, content creation that follows SEO considerations while being engaging and worthwhile to an audience is the best method. 

Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence Tools (But NOT Relying On It)

In the past years, a push for artificial intelligence (AI) integration has been gaining large traction. And while it is still a toss-up whether or not AI will actually fulfill the exaggerated claims its evangelists make, there is no denying that its simpler declarations have some measure of use. 

While the future cannot be accurately predicted, it is safe to say that AI will be a major player in SEO analysis. This is because AI will greatly ease SEO analysis by refining automated engines and more time-saving solutions. AI will bring about major changes in web traffic and digital technologies.

Of course, while AI has its uses, it is not beneficial to use it as a crutch.

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