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Who says plants and gardening can’t be spooky? Casa Z offers Halloween-themed 3d printed planters in Texas and nearby areas. Elevate your indoor accessories and give them a ghostly touch!

Halloween season is right around the corner!

Before any merriment and festivities for Christmas and New Year happen, people first get on the spook-fest for the ghost season. Even though Halloween is only officially held on the first of November, people extend the celebration for an entire month (and sometimes even more).

This season is designated for scares and the remembrance and celebration of the souls and saints that have passed. However, many have looked forward to it for a completely different reason. People have been celebrating Halloween by dressing up and decorating their homes, using it as a time to showcase their creativity.

Are You Ready?

As soon as the “ber” months start, most people are tempted to bring out their Christmas trees and decorate. But some people begin carving pumpkins instead. Autumn falls around the same time as the Halloween season. When people see the burnished fall leaves and feel the crispness of the autumn winds, they immediately associate them with Halloween.

There’s no right or wrong time when people begin making their Halloween decorations. But the earliest people start decorating, the longer they can exhibit their artistry.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, there are a plethora of ways how people can approach them. Some focus their grandiose set-up outdoors, where people can see them up close and personal. Some families choose to keep the entertainment subtle and indoors. Of course, some take the fright-fest to a whole new level.

Getting Set!

Choosing the perfect and sophisticated spooky-décor is crucial for every household celebrating the season regardless of what type and how grand people approach their decorations.

Creepy Cemetery

Make the household somewhere spirits would love to rest. There’s no better way to celebrate the month of ghosts and “death” than turning the yard into a cemetery. Homeowners may even add a touch of humor by naming tombstones and the graveyard.

The yard is the first thing people observe when passing by houses. Hence, it’s one of the most important places to focus on decorating. Tombstones can be crafted from cardboard or styrofoam, and a simple chalkboard can achieve the graveyard name. Adding a skeleton to the stones can elevate the eerie feeling even further.

Ghostly Plants

If homeowners have decided to bring the spooky indoors, they can incorporate Halloween decorations into their mundane accessories.

Casa Z offers what people need for Halloween. As a company supplying 3d printed planters in Texas and other areas, they constantly update their product list catering to different holidays. Their recent release is a line of ghostly planters that will elevate every home’s spook-fest. Their bob planters now come with Halloween masks homeowners can attach to the planters and take off once the season ends.

Who says gardening can’t be spooky? Not Casa Z. During their promotion period, the company will give out complimentary Halloween masks for every bob quartet people buy.

If homeowners believe masks alone aren’t enough, Casa Z also has a special edition line of BatBob. Instead of masks, buyers can attach wings to their planters. While not every bystander will see these decorations, they still serve their aesthetic purpose to the homeowners.

Ring Around the Rosie

Children can be scary. But ghost children are hands down the most frightening.

When it comes to children’s games, there’s nothing scarier than the one where they sing about a plague that wiped out a massive chunk of the population. Ring around the Rosie as a Halloween decoration can be achieved by setting up blankets formed as children and making them form a circle. This decoration will surely seize people’s attention whenever they pass by.

Spooky Details

Even the most minor details make an impact on Halloween. While going big catches attention, the minute details leave a crawling feeling in people’s skins.

Cobwebs are the perfect example of this detail-focus decoration. Homeowners can utilize cotton or yarns and attach them to the nooks and crannies of their patio or porch. This decoration will give the area a more antique and abandoned feel. In addition to these cobwebs, they can also sprinkle tiny spiders around them to further highlight the deserted atmosphere of the space.


Halloween is the perfect time to get creative. Don’t let the season pass by without trying out these decorating ideas. To purchase the Halloween planter set, visit Casa Z’s website to check the collection out.

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