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Drywall problems are troublesome. Some can be easily fixed, but other circumstances may require professional work. If such is the case, contacting these drywall/texturing services on Maui island is the perfect solution.

Drywalls are among the currently most popular finishes in modern households. Instead of using bricks, wood, or stone, they’re what most homeowners’ inexpensive and practical pick as alternatives for interior walls. With their reasonable price, versatility, and ease of installation, it’s without wonder they’re getting more traction.

However, while the material has various promising strengths and advantages, they’re still highly susceptible to damage from abrasions, water leaks, and impacts. Despite houses being surrounded by the material, these damages often go unnoticed until they start causing massive problems.

Typically, homeowners struggle to identify the appropriate course of action when drywalls start showing these signs. They can take one of these three routes: patch, repair, and replace.

Patching a Drywall

Most households only experience minor indentations, scrapes, or holes. When these problems arise, patching their drywall is what it takes to fix them.

Minor issues only require minimal touch-ups. Patching drywalls only need a spackle, a smoothing tool, and interior paint to cover for them to look good as new. Hence, homeowners must first examine the severity of the problem whenever they’re in doubt about what to do. If they only find minor scratches, all they need to do is patch those areas up before moving on.

Repairing a Drywall

While patching work is suitable for minor issues, holes that span around six inches or larger would mean the drywall needs repair.

Fortunately, drywall repairs aren’t as complicated as it seems. All homeowners need to do is replace the damaged area with a new piece. They need to cut out the damaged area and cut a piece of drywall to cover it. To connect these, they will need joint tape, joint compound, and a new coat of paint to cover. This will cleanly piece the cut-out hole and new drywall together.

Replacing a Drywall

Now comes the most complicated part, when is replacing drywall necessary? Various pointers help homeowners realize that they require entirely new drywall. Indeed, there are instances when it’s unnecessary. But if the drywall shows these signs, it’s time to take them out and replace them with a brand new one.


Patching and repairing the drywall can solve issues involving holes. However, when the severity affects the structural integrity of the area, then the previous solutions won’t work. They may temporarily do the job of covering up the holes, so they look clean. But in the long run, the holes may persist and cause the whole wall to collapse.

In this case, it’s better to be sure and replace the involved part than patch them up.

Water Damage

The drywall can be dried out and repainted regarding water damage. But this process will only work if the damage isn’t too extensive. Otherwise, homeowners may need to replace the drywall to avoid further issues.

Identifying water damage can be challenging, especially since there’s a massive wall dividing the homeowner from the source of leakage. Some common signs are discoloration, crumbling and visible bulging on the drywall. Hence, they must be attentive to these signs to fix the issue.

Additionally, besides replacing the drywall, homeowners must also attend to the source of leakage. Fixing the drywall won’t fix nor stop the leakage from happening again in the future.


If there’s a misplaced seam in the drywall, this will typically manifest through cracks. While great patching can cover the cracks, it doesn’t solve the structural problem. Covering the crack will only get rid of the physical signs. It won’t address the weakened structure. A replacement of drywall to solve a crack is often best left to the professionals. This can be a rather intricate procedure, which the nonprofessional might not handle.

If homeowners believe it’s time to replace their drywall, then it’s time to look for the best drywall/texturing services on Maui island. With their competent professionals, One Handy Haole provides one of the best and fastest drywall services in this area. Regardless of the problem’s severity, they’re available to jump in anytime to assist.

Additionally, with their wide range of services, they go above and beyond in providing their customers with excellent services that aren’t limited to drywall-related issues. Contact them for a free estimation!

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