Kirsten Carter, LAc, LMT, Ryt, talks about her journey towards Oriental Medicine and her life’s passion- Lotus Healing Acupuncture and Massage.

I grew up in a heavily influenced Western Medicine mindset and knew nothing of holistic medicine. In my 20’s, I was introduced to an alternative form of medicine called acupuncture, a subset of Oriental Medicine (OM). At first, it seemed strange to me that a Chinese Medicine practitioner would put small needles in different locations in your body and that it would make you feel better. But over the years of receiving acupuncture, I became a firm believer in its efficacy—it really works! After having practiced massage therapy for six years, I wanted to add something else to my practice that I knew would help people feel whole and return back to themselves (reconnect with their highest selves). I looked toward studying OM. After receiving my Masters in Oriental Medicine in 2015, I began my Acupuncture practice in Austin, Tx, in 2016.

Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine. We help you with your symptoms, but we also help you with the cause of your symptoms – the root cause. We’re not only working on finding balance in your physical body, but also your emotional body, spiritual body, and psychological state. Each aspect contributes to the other, so it is necessary to balance all aspects.

There are brain wave states which are more conducive for healing to happen in your body. These brain waves are measured by a tool called an Electroencephalogram (EEG). So in our clinic, we try to get your brain to go into Theta or Alpha wavelengths. Theta waves happen when a person is in light sleep or in a deep relaxed state and measure between 4 – 8 Hz. Alpha waves are achieved in a relaxed state while the brain is not thinking about anything or is not learning or processing, i.e., while practicing mind-body activities. They measure on an EEG between 8 Hz and 12 Hz. You can reach Alpha state by successfully meditating. The treatment protocols used in our clinic with needles assist in putting people in one of these states. If someone has an overactive mind and can’t seem to relax even with the needles in, we have other frequency influencers, such as Sound Healing with musical instruments and tuning forks. Another tool we use in the clinic besides needles and sound is an energy healing called Reiki. Using our own body as a conductor of energy (qi), we place both hands separately on the chakra areas of our body to run qi between the two hands into our body.

Acupuncture works with the channels or meridians, which are energetic lines that run through the course of your body like circuitry. The main channels pass through organs and are delineated and titled according to the organs that they pass through. Some of these main channels run up to the head and face. So injuries to organs and systems, as well as life challenges and traumas, will show signs on the face. With Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (CFA), we treat weaknesses and excesses that show up on the face as lines, wrinkles, acne, and attenuated or tonic facial muscles causing asymmetry. Nerves becoming weakened or inactive, such as those occurring in Bell’s Palsy, can be strengthened to return back to their original activity. We also treat the underlying causes by assessing what’s at the root and puncturing the body along with the face.

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