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The bathroom is quickly becoming a focal point of the house. It’s not only seen as a wash-up space anymore. Instead, it’s used to satisfy homeowners’ wellness and relaxation. For bathroom renovations, Phinesse Construction Group is the best company for bathroom renovation in Ontario, Canada.

The kitchen has been in the spotlight during the early days of the pandemic. With people universally trying new trends and recipes in the kitchen, it became one of the most cared-for spaces, receiving the most interest in the house. However, the same energy has been recently translated into the bathroom.

2023 is calling homeowners to transform these spaces into their paradise.

People’s anxiety levels constantly rise, with various issues troubling them simultaneously. This led to an upswing in efficient and tranquil bathroom designs as people seek more at-home spaces and remedies for relaxation and privacy to quell anxieties. Bathrooms are no longer left for last-minute or trivial designs. Homeowners now devote a considerable amount of planning and budgeting for their bathrooms.

From minimal serenity to extremely eye-catching tiles and art decors, and whether homeowners are renovating the powder room or building a primary bathroom, here are the hottest trends homeowners can look out for in 2023.

Sophistication and Elegance

While most homeowners may still opt for the classic, perpetually in-style, all-white bathroom design, people are increasingly experimenting with more colors, textures, and patterns for these spaces.

Designer Gray Walker has stated that in the coming year, bathroom trends might focus on using beautiful stones, textures, sleek lighting, and unique hardware. Sophistication and elegance, a combination of these concepts, might be prevalent across bathroom designs, as there’s an increase in demands for sophisticated shapes, elegant lines, and finishes for motifs.

Beyond incorporating these compositions, there’s also an expected rise in bolder stone usage. Stones like the Calcatta Viola, Verdes, and Ceppo Rossa might make it to the mainstream and create a striking statement.

Spa-Like Layout

In line with bathrooms becoming in demand due to people’s need for relaxation, homeowners have also realized the space’s untapped potential as an overall wellness space. While this doesn’t call for in-house spa services and the need for spa staff, it necessitates spaces fitting for housing candles and plants.

2023 encourages more “me-time” for people, and a considerable part is changing their perceptions about bathrooms being only a place for washing up. It can also be where people can achieve a very zen state, forget about their worries and wash away the stress from the day.

Bathrooms are indeed becoming more spa-like. Homeowners are increasingly becoming more interested in side sprays, steam showers, and other features that contribute to an overall increase in wellness satisfaction.

A Fusion of Classic and Modern

While most households prefer collecting modern art to fit their contemporary, minimalist aesthetics, a significant portion of the population is actively looking for antique pieces. These add an appealing touch to a modern household and are perfect conversation starters with guests.

Just as there’s been an upswing in vintage decors, bathrooms are also receiving the same treatment. These spaces are getting that combination of old and new, a balance between antiques and contemporary-themed decorations. From wooden chairs to vintage rugs and utilizing classical artworks, households are increasingly incorporating antique furniture to beautify their spaces.

Additionally, there’s also an increased use of wood as a material. More designs are maximizing wood from shelves and cabinetry to flooring to create one-of-a-kind designs and furniture.

Backlit Mirrors

2023 bathroom trends aren’t just centered on general features and appearance. Homeowners can also get some specific furnishings to hop on in the trend. For starters, mirrors with built-in lighting may be put in the spotlight this coming year. Besides making users feel like superstars, it’s also a convenient and functional addition, as it’s a better lighting source to assist with makeup applications and other activities.

Unique and Statement Piece Bathtubs

For most households, a bathtub is one of the essential pieces in the bathroom. More often than not, homeowners don’t aim for the typical bathtub. Instead, they aim to make a statement and catch guests’ attention. Creative bathtub designs that add a unique spin to beloved classics are gaining more interest and fascination.

In Need of Bathroom Renovation?

Look no further if you’re interested in getting these features for your bathroom. Phinesse Construction Group is the best company to consider for bathroom renovations in Ontario, Canada. With bathroom renovations as one of the services they take the most pride in, you won’t receive anything less than satisfactory for your bathroom renovation needs.

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