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Various weather changes, like low temperatures, strong winds, and extreme rain, affect the structural conditions of your home. It’s best to be prepared for any property damage, mainly if certain weather conditions cause them.

Your home is a valuable asset that will serve its purpose for a lifetime. Its structural integrity affects the way we all live. And living in a varied weather climate, your house needs to stand the test of time.

Why do I need to weatherproof my home?” you ask.

From the ground up, minor issues will soon become more extensive than they were due to being pushed and amplified by various weather conditions. Water can damage certain porous materials if you fail to waterproof your home. Strong winds can blow away pieces of your property and cause subsequent damage to others if your home isn’t built from durable materials.

Other than that, the tensile strength of your home increases property value in the real estate market, particularly in areas where extreme weather happens more often. And to prevent any structural damage from occurring, weatherproofing is the only way.

Check if your roof needs immediate maintenance/repair.

You should be alarmed if you have one or more missing roof tiles. Better include chimney pots and other aerials that are safe and well-attached. Get a closer look immediately to observe any potential roof damages later on.

See if there’s any wall damage.

A “Blown” is when the wall sections have noticeable cracks. This opens up more chances of water seeping through and leading to damage. Only an expert can spot these faulty structural issues and conduct repairs, especially those that have anything to do with height.

You can do minor repairs, like removing any small debris or loose material that you can patch up with the right product. Wall damages need to be cleared out for paint to run over smoothly and will positively affect the color.

Observe if your windows are showing signs of aging.

Your windows are integral in keeping the weather from intruding on your home. However, as it gets exposed often to various weather conditions, it can get rotten over time. Or worse, it can show signs of damage from the winter.

For smaller damaged sections, you may fill the holes with the proper fillers and extend the quality of life with the window. Some seasoned professionals can treat the windows, particularly existing ones, and fit draught excluders. If you see that the windows in your house are visibly damaged, call a professional to replace them immediately.

Keep the draughts away.

If the cold air flows through the gap between the floor and the front door, you need to screw a draught excluder down to the lower edge. Placing rows of bristles is an effective stop-gap solution that prevents air from blowing through.

Self-adhesive foam is also an excellent way to cover the gap and minimize the damage that even cold air can inflict on the house’s interiors. Professionals can offer better solutions to issues that can change the smaller parts.

Keep the gutters clean.

Leaves and debris falling to the roof gutters can clog the drain from the dirt they bring. Rainwater needs to flow smoothly, and if they’re trapped, they tend to freeze, increasing the potential damage. This is particularly true in cold climates where water can freeze up quickly.

A minor repair you can do is to add a plastic or wire mesh. You can even add a specialized Hedgehog filter which can block leaves, dirt, and debris from enlarging the problem and problematic buildup.

A&A Home Repair Services is a reliable partner in-home care.

However, to be safe, call a professional who can inspect your roof better if you feel tempted to climb over and see for yourself. Professional home repair crews have the right equipment for site inspection.

If you want your home to be in a better condition under extreme weather, A & A Home Repair Services is there for you. They also have extensive knowledge and experience to accurately determine what’s best for your home that needs weatherproofing.

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