From classic Bob planters in Miami to the latest garden accessories, shares its latest finds.

Gardening as a hobby has evolved significantly over the last few years. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us were forced to stay home and discover indoor activities, with gardening and culinary among the top pastimes. Gardening became a creative industry with countless ideas on design, function, and materials. Mixing aesthetic with function, we discover many designs that are certain to entice plant lovers and homemakers out there.

Wall and classic Bob planters are conquering residential and commercial gardens today.

If you are looking for cute and amazing mini planters, you can check out the classic Bob planters in Miami. These creative mini planters are exclusive designs by Casa Z décor. These durable mini humanoid planters come in black, white, and gold colors and in various collections- Adventure, Dancing, Classic, and Soulmates. Some designs are stand-up, while others are designed for hanging, including some Bob planters.

Speaking of hanging planters, Casa Z décor also manufactures original designs for wall planters. Just like the Bob planters, these planters are made of high-quality, eco-friendly. Casa Z décor takes pride in its products being 3D printed. The process for each planter, depending on the design and scale, usually takes around 12 hours to print.

Casa Z Decor is constantly launching new products. There is no doubt that Casa Z designs are among the trendiest indoor garden accessories in the country today.

What makes Casa Z truly a trendsetter in terms of indoor planters and garden designs is its wide variety of conceptual planters. Aside from the Bob planters and wall textured planters, they also take pride in their Kokes collection. For those who love kokedamas and other tiny house plants, you can check their cute and superbly-designed kokes.

Casa Z décor recommends the Luna collection for those who love ball-shaped planters. They come in elegant styles. Casa Z colors carefully to ensure a high-end look and feel. These cachepots are perfect for small to medium indoor plants.

Another remarkable design from Casa Z décor is their Arch collections. These tiny, Individual 3D-printed planters are made from Polylactic Acid, a polymer derived from cornstarch or sugar cane, making them durable yet 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic.

If you are all about expressions and moods, Casa Z décor has designed the perfect wall vase collection. Casa Z décor’s Expressions is a collection of wall planters set to bring life and light to your garden and personal spaces. You can choose from moods and expressions (happy, confident, surprised, relaxed, etc.) You can also check their Peace of Mind collection featuring Moai head-inspired vases in various sizes and colors. For those who are into futuristic themes, you might like their Green Future collections featuring metallic-theme planters. You can choose from Factory, Nuclear Power Plant, and Chemical Tank designs.

Aside from planters and vases, you can also check Casa Z décor’s mini sculpture items from their Viva Africa collections. These tiny decorative pieces are shaped like wild animals (Giraffe, Rhinoceros, and Elephant designs).

The latest trend in indoor gardening and accessories today is minimalist, classic, and durable. All these attributes are featured in every Casa Z décor design and product, making them one of the popular décor companies today.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your garden and personal spaces with the latest designs. Visit Casa Z décor’s website and see the latest products and promos today! You can also contact them at [email protected] or call them at +1 (817) 673-9476.

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