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Home improvement projects may be homeowners’ wish fulfillment. However, before enjoying their newly improved house, they must first undergo the dreaded post-construction clean-up. Fortunately, they don’t have to do it alone.

What comes immediately after the home renovation isn’t the relief and delight of seeing the fruit of months-worth of labor and planning. It is the bothersome clean-up of ceilings, walls, and floors, and organizing of your furniture, the last step to ensuring your new home looks settled and polished.

Before you can rest, kick your feet up, and relish your newly improved home, you must complete a cleaning marathon. It is not as easy as doing a once-over sweep of the evident leftover materials and debris. Instead, post-construction or renovation cleaning marathons include a thorough sweep of every nook and cranny. Once the construction company has done its part of making your design and vision a reality, it is your time to step in and clean the dust that may leave your freshly constructed home looking neglected and dirty.

Before Post-Construction Clean-Up

What You Should Do

A simple broom and mop action might not be enough for post-construction cleaning. While this process may clear noticeable materials lying around the site, it doesn’t ensure a polished and absolute clean-up. Instead of simply grabbing typical cleaning materials, here’s what you should do after your home renovation.

Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery

Carpets and upholstered furniture that have not been removed during construction are certain to collect dust and lots of it. If these particles are allowed to embed and settle on these surfaces, they will not only look dirty but also be a source for allergens, irritation, and itching.

Pay close attention to these soft surfaces and vacuum them thoroughly after the renovation. You may also do this process two or even three times if unsatisfied with the first round. If vacuuming fails after these rounds, you may need to have them professionally cleaned.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Cabinets, countertops, and interior shelves are the favorite resting spot for dust particles. You can clean them with a typical duster and pay attention to the farthest spaces and corners. However, these surfaces not only include countertops, tables, and cabinets. You should also include wiping down walls and moldings – especially moldings.

Dry dusting is typically the safest method to ensure you won’t damage these surfaces. However, depending on the materials of these fixtures, a damp cloth may be a better option. To test whether your wall or molding won’t be damaged, you can initially try it on a small area. Because of the resiliency of dust, most hard surfaces are going to require a damp cloth rinsed frequently in fresh water to avoid just “mudding” surfaces. If your vacuum has the proper attachment, it can also be used to trap dust on walls and other hard surfaces.

Clean Air Vents and Replace Filters

The primary reason professionals have paid close attention and stressed the importance of post-construction clean-up is to avoid dust clogging air vents. Dust in the vents ultimately affects the quality of air available for the residents when it is blown through the ductwork. It also spews dust back into the air to resettle on surfaces of the rooms, negating all previous efforts at removing dust. Dusty air can cause numerous health problems. Hence, cleaning your vents and replacing the blower filters is critical to reducing the dust spreading throughout your house.

You Might Prefer Not Doing It Alone

Most of the time, construction companies do an excellent job but leave your house looking like a tornado swept through your home and turned everything upside down. The result of their work may be magnificent and beyond satisfaction. But the aftermath of their work leaves it hard to see. In this situation, doing the post-construction clean-up yourself might be out of the question.

Fortunately, if it is post-construction cleaning services you need, various companies offer their help.

After Post-Construction Clean-Up

Affordable Cleaning Services is one of those companies offering post-construction cleaning in Coralville. Their staff works closely with the construction crew and clients to develop a cleaning process that guarantees a thorough clean-up. They not only clean within the construction site but also in nearby affected areas, ensuring no debris gets left behind for you to worry about later on. With your safety and satisfaction as its priority, ACS goes above and beyond with its services.

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