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Are you looking for a simple yet functional addition to your property? Here are some reasons to consider a good ‘ol split rail fencing.

If it’s an extra sense of safety homeowners are looking for, a fence installation should be included in their home renovation roster. From keeping animals and dirt out of one’s yard to adding character and value to the property, fences provide numerous benefits as simple as they are. But with the many options, investing in a fence isn’t as easy-breezy as one makes it to be.

If you aim for simplicity, affordability, and ease of installation yet provide the same functionality and safety as every other fencing option, split rail fencing should be the way to go.

But First, What Is a Split Rail Fencing?

Considering its rural and vintage aesthetic, a split rail fence isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But it sure serves its functions and doesn’t take up the most time during installation. Split rail fencing isn’t only durable, but it also offers unmatched decorative possibilities with its simplicity. With the right approach and design plan, this simple and seemingly run-down fence can become the perfect backdrop and luxurious addition to one’s outdoor area.

Split rail fencing is among the simplest fencing options, combining wooden logs and posts. It gives off a relatively rural and farm country aesthetic and is commonly used to surround pastures and paddocks. At first glance, homeowners may hesitate about this option given its lack of adornment. But wood is one of those elements that suit and complement other details design-wise.

Hammering the First Step Towards a Secured Yard

Homeowners aren’t necessarily experts at what improves their properties. This is where professionals and contractors come in. If you want to install a fence that’s perfect for your home but unfamiliar with the process, Handshakers Construction LLC offers its hands for you to take.

Although the company primarily specializes in bathroom and kitchen plumbing services in Cincinnati Ohio, it also provides many other services. From deck repair and waterproofing down to fence and outdoor fixtures installation, Handshakers Construction is the perfect right hand for your renovation needs. And one of their recent handyman projects involves the split fence installation on countryside houses in urban areas seeking a vintage touch in their properties.

With a long list of satisfied clientele, the company has already mastered effective and efficient means of installation that don’t take long or require too much hassle to accomplish. Below are some benefits homeowners must consider when opting for this fencing installation.

The Perfect Means to Mark Property Lines

Having trouble with your neighbors intruding on your property? A fence is the perfect solution to keep everyone and everything away from disrupting your house’s security. If the issue is marking property lines and reminding outsiders not to trespass into yours, split rail fencing is the solution. Not to mention, this keeps them away and helps increase your property’s value.

This fence option provides a pleasing line of where one’s property starts and ends without obscuring any view, whether from the outside or in. With its simplicity, homeowners can also enjoy themselves with the decorations without overwhelming the house’s structure.

An Affordable Addition to One’s Property

Who says home renovation needs to be expensive? With a split rail fence, the cost won’t have to be a significant factor to consider throughout the improvement. This means homeowners don’t have to cash out as much for the installation; even contacting a contractor doesn’t amount to so much. Made of entirely wooden elements, this fencing is among the market’s most affordable and available options.

A Vintage and Classic Aesthetic

Given it’s the first thing to welcome guests and bystanders, the fence has a massive impact on one’s property. This is why choosing the right option is integral in a homeowner’s decision. The split fence offers a rustic look and, with its basic appearance, provides numerous possibilities for enhancement. Homeowners can choose from different wood types and colors to suit their style and house’s design. The wooden element makes it easy for them to redesign and adjust the fence’s aesthetic to fit theirs.

If these reasons are enough to talk you into getting your split rail fence, contact Handshakers Construction LLC to install yours immediately!

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