Have you ever felt you are not enough? Samsarga offers a path to peace and emotional wellness.

The feelings of not enough began to show up in my life from my early childhood while growing up in a family environment where domestic abuse was a ritual. As a child, I thought that this was a normal feeling and carried it forward when I grew up in my work and relationships. In 2010, the emotional stress of not believing in myself over the years put a hard break on my physical body that made me bedridden for ten months of my life. I was diagnosed with acute cervical spondylosis with intense pain radiating from head to toe. I was unable to carry out even the simplest chore of brushing my teeth. I was completely dependent on my family members. It was when I was lying down on my bed with unbearable pain that I realized that my suppressed emotional pain had given rise to my physical suffering. Undergoing intense treatment with an expert naturopath enabled me to overcome my physical pain. 

However, my emotional pain remained. I began looking for the answers to overcome my emotional pain by reading ancient scriptures, learning ancient wisdom-based tools, and connecting with various spiritual mentors and coaches. As an exploration, I applied the teachings to various challenging situations and interactions with people. It was then that I noticed that my mind was moving toward resilience. Later, I also began pursuing my passion for Sanskrit and music into the mix to develop my happy hour routine. In 2019, I had a deep urge to share this knowledge with people around me, which led me to teach Sanskrit to the people around me. One day, one of my students asked me a challenging question on self-control that made me reflect on how to bring internal transformation in others’ lives. As I could not crack the code on my own, I reached out to my coach, who helped me find the answer as Coaching. 

This paved my way to becoming a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach to help fellow beings dealing with emotional pain to develop a stable mindset and discover peace by integrating ancient wisdom–based tools into my coaching sessions. I also decided to share the knowledge I acquired from ancient wisdom worldwide, which led me to launch Sanskrit courses on the Udemy platform that has benefited nearly 10,000 students across 139 countries.

This transformation led me to establish an online school for emotional wellness called Samsarga and to host The Peace Bridge Podcast on VoiceAmerica. The most important moral of my story is that we can rise from our emotional pain to discover our peace and purpose in life if we build a resilient mindset and are ready to change and transform our lives.

The ancient wisdom–based tools laid the foundation to enable me to develop self-management skills and emotional resilience, establish healthy work and family relationships, build focus, overcome trauma and limited beliefs, improve my productivity, and remain centered in peace. 

No pain. No gain.

If you are a woman going through emotional pain arising from stress, low esteem, anxiety, and relationship issues and is ready to recreate a new destiny to live a life of peace and freedom, schedule your free coaching consultation call using the details below.

Services Offered

One on One Emotional Wellness Coaching (Low self-esteem, Stress, Anxiety, Betrayal, Relationship issues)

Website – www.samsarga.ca

Phone – +587-229-8800

Instagram – https://instagram.com/awakenwithamritha_lifecoach

Linktree – https://linktree/amrithakailas          

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