Renovation cleaning is done after the construction process is over. Traces of dust and debris from various materials are extremely hazardous, so you need a professional to clean them. With Legally Clean, we ensure that your moving-in will be stress-free!

As you move into your new home, you expect everything to be neat and organized. Post-construction cleaning is more than just a few sweeping and mopping. If you’re unfamiliar with post-construction cleaning, you get to know how everything works here.

Professional cleaning companies offer many more services like scrubbing, air purification, dusting, etc., using heavy tools and equipment specialized for such tasks. Cleaning companies also cover other services, including waste disposal and residue removal from different surfaces at home. Construction work is disruptive and leaves dirty traces that you can’t clean yourself. Other times, builders are not responsible for the cleanup either, unless stated that it’s part of their work.

The problems with a post-renovated home left unclean

Dust and dirt pose several health risks; thus, they can’t be left unattended. Their remnants also affect the house’s quality because the rest of the materials slowly deteriorate as they stock up. At the end of every construction phase, it always leaves a messy impression that builders are too bothered to clean after.  

Other than the visible mess, another problem is the smell from all the chemicals and materials that didn’t go away. Without professional cleaning, the stench makes a living in your new home unpleasant.

Requirements of any renovation cleaning

From top to bottom, this type of specialized cleaning has many requirements. This is the checklist for any renovation cleanup at home:

  • Skid marks, dirt, and various smudges were removed from the walls
  • Power washing doors and windows, doors, and their frames
  • Delicate plastic and sticker removed from furniture
  • Ceilings and other electrical fixtures should be dusted
  • Floors free from any debris, with no traces along the corners and edges
  • Power vacuum, trim, and threshold cleaning
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Fixing safety issues along electrical and plumbing installations

If those requirements are thoroughly checked out, your home is good to go and ready for occupancy. With the help of professionals like Legally Clean, you can live in a stress-free and peaceful home without any of the dust, dirt, and smell of construction all over the room.

The different phases of residential post-construction cleaning

Just like in any construction process, the post-cleanup also has its typical stages to go through. The cleaning requirements mentioned are what cleaning professionals must fulfill to complete the job. Here are the general renovation cleaning phases that you must know:

First: The Rough Phase

After the strenuous installation of electrical wirings, plumbing fixtures, and wood and metal framing, come to the first but rough phase of post-construction cleaning. The priority is to remove large debris and other piled-up disposable items like trash and leftover materials that can’t be vacuumed. After they’re taken out, the sweeping and extra vacuuming come in.

Second: The General Cleaning Phase

Typically, the first or final stage of post-construction cleaning is the toughest to manage. However, we beg to disagree. The second phase covers the most since that’s where the real work begins. Restrooms, kitchens, and areas with a specific use take a while to be cleaned spotless.

Professional cleaners often pay close attention to sanitizing areas like toilets and sinks. Homeowners cannot do this alone; that’s why some hire professional cleaning services to make their lives easier. With their help, moving into the new home is much easier, and occupying each area is safe and won’t pose safety hazards for everyone. Once this stage has been cleared, the house is ready for occupancy with just a few final touches, which leads to the last phase.

Third: The Final Phase

Also called the touch-up cleaning, this is typically the last phase of every post-construction cleanup. After the deep cleaning in the second phase, it takes several days before the final touch-ups take place. Because there may be times when surfaces and corners seem clean, but there are lingering dirt and dust. The final stage shouldn’t take long since it’s a follow-up of the thorough and intensive cleaning.

Every renovation requires deep-seated cleaning, which requires a dedicated schedule. Frankly, homeowners can’t do this, even within their time. Construction cleaners like Legally Clean are heavily focused on managing the mess renovations leave behind, especially when there’s a much-needed renovation cleaning in West Palm Beach, Florida. With an absolute commitment to a cleaner and better environment, we are the most reliable in ensuring a refreshingly clean home.

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