Are you getting ‘older’? Are you a woman over 60? Getting Older Does Not Mean It’s Over! (Part 1 of 3) 


Are you Feeling angry, confused lately trying to keep up with everything and everyone?

Are you Thinking…. I’m not getting any younger…aches and pains are setting in and my health is going downhill from this point on?

Are you Losing your heart and soul? Have you lostyour identity over the years or perhaps you never had it and you’re still asking the questions “Who am I?” Who am I really? Why am I even here?

If this describes you, keep reading.

The Problem

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

Lack of energy in your life and relationships?

Do you lack mental focus?

Are you stressed all of the time?

Are the issues of life weighing you down?

Are you in fear?

Do you Love yourself?

Lack of Confidence…Sexy Confidence?

Lack of health and not enough wealth to cover future medical expenses?

Are you experiencing any muscle or joint discomfort?

How’s your skin health?

Do you lack sleep?

Are you eating healthily?

What is your daily intake of water?

Do you exercise every day?

What are you thinking about?

How’s your digestive function?

Are you experiencing hormonal issues?

Do you have any auto-immune concerns?

Do you have any cardiovascular issues?

Are you dealing with the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs?

Are they healing you at the root cause or are they treating symptoms?

Do you have a loved one that is hurting and needs a miracle now?

These are just some of the concerns that most people are dealing with nowadays.  People are looking for answers to this growing list of problems.

The Answer

Lies in the Simplicity of Three Important Components of Life:

Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body

Let’s explore each one.

Component #1 – Spirit

There’s a new field of science called Quantum Physics. It is ‘proving the existence of a powerful, intelligent, and benevolent ‘life force’ or ‘Source’ that holds all things together’.  Some people call it God, the Matrix, the Ether, the Field, Consciousness, Energy or Spirit. Regardless of what name you use, scientific research is now revealing that we are Energy, (Spirit) just like this life force.

According to Max Planck, the father of quantum physics who stated, “We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.” Most people identify this as God.

We are a powerful energy field with the ability to co-create with this bigger, universal field.

Actually, everything is energy. Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency and what appears to be matter, is in reality energy that has been slowed down enough to appear physical, but it is not.

“We are Spirit slowed down to visibility” states Dr. Kay Fairchild. Yes.

We are powerful co-creators with this Life Source Energy Spirit. As a matter of fact, it is God himself that is operating in us as us! Ponder that!

Once we understand just how powerful we are, we are equipped. Once we understand who we are…when we understand our Identity, our true nature, we don’t need an external source to define us. It is all within.

Our Superpower lies within. When we connect to Source, we also connect to each other.  We each have all the information inside of us.

How do I do that? You may be asking that question right now. How do I connect to God, to that Divine Source? Great questions and more on that later but it all starts with awareness. You need to become aware of your thoughts, beliefs and be willing to learn. Learn something that may be outside or your normal paradigm.

Study YOU. Learn about who we truly are already. When we use discernment when it comes to our health, we allow innate intelligence, that Spirit within, to heal our bodies. Discern and decide what is right for you when it comes to your health and to every situation in life.

Times are changing and I believe there will come a day in the near future when the use of harmful methods, and drugs that cover up symptoms without ever getting to the root cause will come to an end.

Component # 2 – Soul/Mind – Consciousness/Awareness

Awareness – Are you aware? It all starts here. We cannot change what we don’t know. We decide what to believe, think, do, and speak.  The actions we take or do not take have consequences and have an effect on our health. Our emotions (energy in motion) also impact our future. We have the ability to choose, to determine what we are going to focus on and where our focus goes, energy flows. Therefore, it is critical that we become aware of our thoughts.

Mindset – The famous quote, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste” is so true. However, our mindset, our determination, our grit, our heart, our resolve is even more important.

Bob Proctor states, “Our Spiritual DNA is perfect, but most people never tap into it and never find out who they really are. Success is 5% strategy and 95% mindset.”

We are all programmed with the good, the bad and the ugly. Studies have shown that we are in a programable, hypnotic state until we reach the age of 7. Up until then, we are like sponges…taking everything in. Our subconscious mind is recording. It records it all.

 A great example of that can be seen in the faces of little children. Tell them a story and their eyes light up. They are actually in the story. They see it in their imagination, they feel it, they are there!

We were created with great creative abilities and most of us don’t know it. We can actually have anything we want because it all already exists in our imagination and in the ‘field’.  Our job is to attract it with our vibrational frequency, with our higher thoughts and manifest it into this realm.

Beliefs – Are the Limiting You?

Perhaps you have enough belief but of the unproductive kind. What are those limiting beliefs that you find yourself catching that is holding you back? Without belief we don’t accomplish much. If our programming is negative, we will not believe just how wonderful we are. We can’t accept that life can truly be one of health and abundance in every way. We need Belief in order to act. The kind of belief that says, I can do ALL Things.


Your attitude can influence what you decide to believe and yes, it can also work the other way around, however, it is essential to keep your attitude in check. It has much more power that you think it has and the potential to create your life…by design or not!


This requires learning but most importantly, a ‘willingness’ to learn. Be open to new thoughts and ideas. Trust that your inner guidance will not mislead you and if by chance, you take in information that does not benefit you, trust that you will still be placed back on the right track. I learned this from a former Pastor of mine. He stated, Trust God to Keep You…. meaning, Trust that if you take the wrong fork in the road, He will bring you back to where you are supposed to be. Take the time to research, study and just go within to find Truth, guidance, and answers that are already inside of us.

Freedom to Choose

We are already FREE. We just think we’re not. It’s the matrix programming that keeps us from stepping out. It is full of Fear and Unbelief. It has and continues to do a job for all mankind. But we really are free and able to walk out of the unlocked prison door. We are powerful creators, remember? We can do anything if we choose wisely. We have that freedom. We have Freedom of Choice.

Balance in Life and Homeostasis in the Body

Everything in life is balanced.  Without it we often times go to unhealthy extremes emotionally, mentally, and even physically. 

It is the same in the body as well.

Dr. Robertson Ward states, “For our body to function well and maintain good health it needs to be in homeostasis. Homeostasis basically means that all interdependent elements are in balance, providing a stable state in the body.

And lastly, we need to address the Body. This physical vessel that houses our Spirit is how I used to think of it. But now, I realize that Spirit/Mind/Body is really all one in the same.

Miriam Spencer, Certified Cellular Health Coach

Miriam Spencer is a Holistic Certified Cellular Health Coach….helping people optimize their health at the cellular level.

She’s an entrepreneur, an author, speaker, and coach. Miriam completed dozens of certifications in personal development over her lifetime. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from UW-Milwaukee and has 30 years’ experience mentoring women, helping them become who they already are.

Now as a Health Coach, she brings her expertise to the cellular health and wellness space.

She’s on a Mission to Educate, Empower and Elevate women so they can Know the Truth about their Identity, Be Healthy and Live Free

If you need immediate help or if you just have a question or two, book a call with Miriam today and receive a FREE 30-minute Health Assessment when you mention this article.

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