Reap the benefits of filing for bankruptcy as our attorney legally counsels you to seek quick relief.

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a vital step. There is so much to consider — assessing all your choices, understanding what bankruptcy will do for you and what it won’t, and preparing for the consequences of filing for bankruptcy. If you have already decided to go bankrupt, you might wonder where to start. 

In the beginning, you must find an attorney experienced with bankruptcy law. There are specific ways to find a good bankruptcy lawyer. Sometimes a family member or a friend can recommend a bankruptcy attorney. Some individuals pay for legal counsel through their job. Your state bar association should have directories with bankruptcy attorney information. There are online directories, such as the American Board of Certification and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. If the cost of an attorney (often between $1,250 and $3,500) sounds alarming, bear in mind that some attorneys work pro bono (at no or little charge). There may be better options than the least expensive lawyer. Make sure you are comfortable with the lawyer and ask who you will deal with during your case. With The Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller, a Bankruptcy Debt Relief in San Diego, we do not disappoint.

Ronald E. Stadtmueller, Attorney At Law

Attorney Ronald E. Stadtmueller has been Certified by the State Bar Of California as a Bankruptcy Law Specialist. He successfully argued and helped create a “new law,” giving a debtor, who is upside down in his home, the ability to strip off unsecured deeds of trust from his home. Thus, a debtor may be able to eliminate junior liens on his home when the value of his house is less than the first mortgage, in re Geyer 203 B.R. 726 (Southern District in California 1996).

Ronald received his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in finance, from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. He is authorized to practice law in all courts of California. Mr. Stadtmueller is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association and San Diego Bankruptcy Forum, where he previously served as a Member of the Board of Directors. Ronald has moderated, lectured, and served on bankruptcy discussion panels at local and State Bar seminars.

Ronald is a member of the standing panel of bankruptcy trustees for the Southern District of California, including both San Diego and Imperial counties. Before his return to California, Mr. Stadtmueller served as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for the Eastern District of Texas. He is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee as well.

Let us legally resolve your overwhelming debts

In today’s struggling economy, you deserve relief when you are crushed by overwhelming debt. At the Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller, we fight for your right to make a fresh start and free you from unmanageable debt and irritating creditors.

Trust us, for we draw on over thirty years of experience guiding clients in California through bankruptcy. Allow our attorney to help you regain a firm financial footing. We perform an in-depth evaluation of your finances before advising you to file for bankruptcy. After reviewing your income, debts, and other expenses, we counsel you on the true and total impact that bankruptcy will have on your family, business, home, and future credit.

If bankruptcy is the proper choice for you, you can expect us to explain the process and the outcomes fully. Our comprehensive approach to bankruptcy leaves no doubts, so you can be confident you are taking the right step to secure your future.

Call us today or contact us online to schedule your bankruptcy consultation at any of our offices at Rancho Bernardo, Mission Valley, San Marcos, or La Jolla. Get quick relief with the law offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller.

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