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Handshakers’ bathroom remodeling services are topnotch, giving clients living in Cincinnati and Hamilton County the best options for realizing their bathroom needs and design goals.

The bathroom is one of the most visited and occupied spaces in anyone’s house, and the average person might spend more than 800 days there throughout their entire life. That is over two years, an astonishingly long amount of time. With this in mind, it is no wonder why remodeling it can be quite an essential milestone for homeowners. From the flooring, the windows, curtains, auxiliaries, and more, there is a lot to consider to create that perfect bathroom that fits you and your needs. 

Here are the qualities that the ideal bathroom should possess and for homeowners to consider before starting that momentous remodeling project:

  • Spaciousness. Most bathrooms tend to be small, meaning larger bathrooms are considered more luxurious. Regardless, the ideal bathroom should have a sense of space so that the occupant does not feel too cooped up and experience bouts of claustrophobia. It should be a place of relaxation, where you bathe and answer the call of nature; any attempt to alleviate that feeling of being restricted is essential for an ideal bathroom. If there is actual free space, there is a potential for increased personalization, thereby improving the relaxation factor.
  • Pleasantness. While a bathroom does not need to look like a five-star establishment, striving for an aesthetic appeal can do wonders for an occupant’s mental well-being while inside. It also helps guests acclimate to a space where it can be visited regularly and not avoided at all costs. The presence of natural light, either through a window or a ceiling aperture, significantly raises a bathroom’s aesthetic quality.
  • Relaxedness. The primary use of a bathroom, aside from providing a place to cleanse oneself of bodily waste and excretions, should be to put the occupant at ease, where one can flush away their problems (pun intended) and wash their worries away (pun intended, again). Entry and exit should make one feel refreshed and relaxed, and an excellent way to go about this is by playing with the textures: smooth flooring, the addition of fur rugs, beautiful curtains, etc.
  • Neatness. Like every space with functional specificity, there are many objects one can use inside the bathroom. A competent arrangement of toiletries and the like is crucial to maintaining an excellent experience inside; it also helps when all your necessities are placed in one place so as not to interfere with an occupant’s daily hygiene routine. The items’ placement and orderly orientation are crucial to giving the space a sense of coherence.
  • Spotlessness. The most important quality any bathroom should have will always be cleanliness. Nothing dampens the human spirit more than the sight of a dirty, utterly odious bathroom where the tiles are scuffed, cracked, and stained with unsavory substances; the mirrors look like they are haunted; cockroaches and molds are regular visitors, and the water comes out sickly. A clean bathroom benefits the eyes and the occupant’s well-being and mental state. A regularly cleaned one kept dry and built from appropriate materials is something to celebrate.

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Remember, if you’re living in the Greater Cincinnati area and looking to change up your bathroom, Handshakers bathroom remodeling services are professional and experienced. The team takes great pride in providing customers with the best service and guaranteeing the best results.

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