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Bathroom remodeling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Like any other home improvement project, there will always be a cheaper alternative that can make your bathroom into the perfect space.

Between taking baths, brushing teeth, and washing the stress away, the average homeowner spends a lot of time in the bathroom. While it’s understandably the least used room in the house, it’s still the hardest to avoid. In fact, it’s estimated that homeowners spend approximately 856 days for men and 771 days for women, encompassing all other activities they do in the bathroom.

This is why even though nobody stays for more than an hour in bathrooms, its design, layout, and overall aesthetic value are still thoroughly considered. If you believe your current design isn’t cutting it anymore, maybe it’s time to consider remodeling.

The Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Typically, any remodeling project costs primarily depend on the upgrades you plan to get and your location. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive. It ranges between four to five digits, possibly saving roughly 60% by not hiring a contractor. However, getting a professional team will be the suggested way to go if you’re planning on making some significant changes, like installing new fixtures or tiles. After all, paying their fee might save you from spending more on accumulated reparations due to installation errors.

One Handy Haole is a contractor that fares well among competitors for the best professional bathroom remodeling in Maui and nearby areas. They handle bathroom remodeling with a balance between clients’ satisfaction and the best design guidance they can offer. With their team of professionals, you won’t be expecting anything less than a flawlessly improved bathroom.

However, if you desire to cut your budget and stay away from contractors, you can still do your remodeling on your own. There are inexpensive ways to beautify your bathroom without professional assistance and a heavy budget. Make the most of your money by following these ideas.

Choose Affordable Alternatives

Bathrooms are commonly associated with tiling, but this can be expensive and challenging to install. To save costs and labor, you can still opt for a tiling project but choose your floor or walls. Aside from tiles, there are also other alternative materials to choose from for your bathroom.

When it comes to finer fixtures like the lighting and holders, you can always have fun shopping at thrift stores or garage sales instead of going to the mall. This allows you to save on costs but still get decent and pretty fixtures. Not to mention, you might also find some great keeps from others’ collections.

Easy-To-Install Alternatives

Speaking of alternative materials, if you still want an appealing bathroom floor without tiling it, you can consider peel-and-stick materials or laminate flooring. Compared to tiles, these materials are easy to install and fit best for smaller budgets. You can choose from engineered wood, peel-and-stick tiles, or laminate flooring.

Similar to your flooring, your walls don’t have to be tiled either. You can opt for simple paint-over work on your walls, and if you want a prettier effect, there’s an option between fiberglass or acrylic panels. These are also cheaper and easier to install.

Wall Art to Elevate

Art can elevate any space that holds it. However, with the excess moisture in the air, bathrooms may not be the best area to store artwork. Steam can warp and ruin these paintings. What was initially added to beautify the room might become a conversation starter for destroying it.

Instead, you can use posters or framed photographs as these materials fare better in bathrooms. Decide on a specific aesthetic and choose artworks that reflect it. One way to ensure the artwork enhance the room’s design is by sticking to a uniform art style if you’re going for multiple artworks.

Regarding decorative pieces, there’s also the option of choosing ceramic pieces. If these may still put you on a tight budget, you can still look for cheaper alternatives. Remember, minimalism is also a popular aesthetic these days. By sticking to a monochromatic or simple color scheme, you may be doing the least and still achieve the best for your bathroom.


Sometimes what’s holding you back from achieving a great bathroom is yourself and your disorganized nature. Try reorganizing your space and see how much it can change the aura of your room. Efficiently using space can make your bathroom more spacious and pleasant for your guests. Reduce evident clutter, hide things out of sight as much as possible, and be amazed by how different your bathroom will look after this deep clean.

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