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Imagine your kitchen, and ask yourself: does this fit my current means? Is it in line with this point in my life? If you already have the heart and the will to renovate your kitchen, you have to remember that it is the modern hearth, the fulcrum of the home, and its style will dictate where the entire direction of the house will go—so it is critically important that due diligence is applied in every attempt to redesign it, from countertops to appliances, cabinets to lighting, flooring to walls—everything has to be deliberate and nothing out of line. Only with a committed vision should anyone begin to change their kitchen.

Luckily, Handshakers Construction has a list of modern kitchen trends and styles you can consider and get inspiration from.

Modern Kitchen Trends of 2023

Autumnal Welcome

Perhaps THE most underrated season is autumn (or fall). Unlike the themes of other seasons where bombastic, flashy colors (in the case of summer and spring) take precedence or mute and stark tones (in the case of winter) make the cut, there is more subtlety and quiet with autumnal colors. What is magnified with an autumnal palette is the emphasis on warm tones and natural materials to provide an earthy and rustic atmosphere to your kitchen. What makes a rustic kitchen is the welcoming air and informal tone of the space, helping you and your family feel more at home and relaxed. Although some designers opt for a more simplistic vision, with the right blend of functionality and materials, something dazzling while still retaining rustic qualities can be made. 

A rustic and autumnal kitchen is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to take the best of worlds from contemporary and traditional design styles. Contrary to its thematic leanings, there is much one can do with the rustic style. What’s important is centering the natural qualities of the materials.

Industry Chic

At the opposite end of the spectrum is an emphasis on modernity, a collaboration of style and industry to bring out the best and brightest of human ingenuity and modernist design. Where a rustic style would prefer curves and natural lines, a more industry-oriented design would be replete with straight lines and geometric shapes. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with “industry” might be muted and stark colors, but that is far from the reality—neon colors are a good example of this (although that might be an acquired taste for some, especially when considering the kitchen) and there are options just as bright and colorful. 

The central focus in industry-style designs is artificiality and sleekness in materials and decoration. Think steel and glass, glossy surfaces, and minimalist aesthetics. Greys and silvers are popular color picks, but a pastel palette with black is also gaining ground. This is brilliant for homeowners who are attracted to a futurist worldview.

Pure White

Another growing trend is the purity aesthetic, where designs hinge upon a single color or shade in an attempt to create a very singular and eye-opening appeal. The most popular choice in this trend is going with a pure white wonderland: white tiles, white countertops, white walls, white cabinets, etc. Of course, not everything has to be in the same shade. One is free to pick and match whatever tones they like as long as it finds adjacency with the main color theme. 

By centering on one color, homeowners can create a very eerie but inviting atmosphere while playing into a very whimsical and pastel type of taste. This is a wonderful option if you want to evoke a sort of Wes Anderson vibe!

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