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Identity theft protection can consist of credit monitoring and other services. Signing up with LegalShield can help spot potential fraud early and restore your identity.

It is no secret that identity theft is a severe problem. In 2018, there were around 14.4 million victims of identity fraud in the United States, based on the Identity Fraud Study from Javelin Strategy & Research done in 2019. Of those victims, 23% had unreimbursed costs due to fraud—almost three times as much as in 2016.

Identity theft can effect in the loss of money and time—and can even have lasting emotional effects. It could significantly impact your life, making it hard to secure employment, affecting your Social Security benefits, and preventing your kids from getting financial aid for college—the list goes on.


How Does Identity Theft Protection Work?

While identity theft might not be unpreventable, there are specific measures you can take to protect yourself from such. Getting an identity theft protection service can aid you in identifying potential early fraud and reinstating your identity if it gets stolen.

These services do the weight lifting for you by checking if your personal information emerges on social media, the dark web, and other databases that can stipulate if a fraudster has your data. And suppose you are the victim of fraud. In that case, many services also offer advice on costs related to restoring your identity.

Similarly, Identity theft protection services can offer you peace of mind and valuable services that can aid you in preventing and recovering your identity if you are a victim. Such plans perfect your credit and the dark web, alerting you if your sensitive information is in the wrong hands. They may also issue real-time alerts if someone applies for credit under your name, alert you to aliases related to your Social Security number, offer the ability to lock or unlock your credit reports instantly, and more. Finally, identity theft protection can also provide insurance on stolen funds.

What Identity Protection Services Does LegalShield Offer?

LegalShield is a legal service and consulting company based in the United States and Canada. They offer mobilized and legal plans that are efficient and affordable for the people. Under their protection, you and your family may go about your day without concerns. They have been offering legal plans for forty (40) years, creating a world where everyone can easily access legal protection.

Across North America, they currently protect and empower 4.5 million individuals and 140,000 businesses as LegalShield offers high-quality legal services at a reasonable price from reputable law firms.

Being an identity theft victim is a nuisance; that is why LegalShield is here. The company’s identity theft services are proven reliable in providing their clients with the identity theft insurance they need. Their team of experts provides safety for their clients and ensures that victims of this fraud have their money covered and reimbursed thoroughly with legal help.

How Does LegalShield’s Identity Theft Protection Compare With Its Competitors?

LegalShield offers one of the most competitive and comprehensive products on the market. The company is one of the best legal consultants in the country. They ensure that all the client’s legal problems and concerns are without them worrying about paying a high fee. Their consultation services are highly efficient in analyzing, evaluating, and recommending solutions best suited for you!

Final Words

Identity theft protection services can help you detect fraud early, making it easier to stop the damage before it becomes an even bigger headache. While you will pay a fee for these services, they can aid you in proactively securing your personal information.

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