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There are a lot of popular kitchen styles. However, homeowners typically use umbrella terms rather than specific ones. Here, we will dig into the different kinds of kitchen styles so you can know which ones to choose.

Interior designers usually talk about kitchen styles when determining an overall look for your kitchen. From a wide selection that can sometimes be confusing, let’s narrow down some kitchen styles commonly applied in residential homes.

This guide may be helpful for your next kitchen renovation.


This style is usually associated with the holiday life of the rich and famous. For example, the houses you see in the movies that are sophisticated yet laid back give an off-peak Hamptons feel. In this case, you don’t have to spend a lot to have this kind of experience.

Your designer/contractor can spice up your kitchen by adding similar elements like a light, spacious and airy color scheme. Think about a crisp, coastal French province – that’s what precisely the Hamptons style is trying to evoke.

Pale palettes are ideal, which can be paired with the staple white or neutral tones. And to finish off the look, natural wood in lighter shades will do to show flawless lines. A darker shade of wood also introduces a stark contrast to the soft colors of the space.

For a polished Hampton look, go for marble benchtops and subway tiles for the backsplash. As for the lighting, use a set of ample pendant lighting.

Modern Style

Modern interiors often imply streamlined spaces, clean shapes and forms, spotless surfaces, and sophisticated and advanced appliances. If you’re a homeowner who prefers sleek doors, unadorned edges, and minimally finished, a modern kitchen is the one.

Common elements of a modern kitchen include stone bench tops, recessed lighting fixtures, and the latest storage systems like open shelving, island bench cut-out shelves, built-in fridges, and push-to-open cabinetry.

Contrast is the key when designing modern kitchens. It is the highlight of a modern kitchen space and shouldn’t be mixed with any other bright hue.


Contemporary styles often get mixed up with modern ones when clearly, there is a difference. The latter is brooding and has a predominantly dark and light theme. At the same time, contemporary kitchens emphasize chic and sleek looks highlighting open-plan living.

A kitchen clads in contemporary elements contain various contrasts in materials and textures, not just in tones. And the windows are primarily undraped but symmetrical. As for the cabinetry, a frameless one is the best.

Colonial Style

There is a surging popularity in the American colonial style. Its rustic and homey vibe creates a sense of drama because of the other details, like earthy colors and the deep contrast with different shades. When you look up at the ceiling of a colonial kitchen, there are wooden beams all over it. The cabinetry and flooring are also clad in wood.

Colonial kitchens are adorned with antique accessories, usually brass tapware and copper.


style that soared in popularity during the 1950s in the United States after being influenced by the mid-century modern. The industrial interior became a signature style that mainly appeals to millennials and the succeeding younger generation—known for its edgy vibe and a mixture of dark, heavy textures and brass and gold fixtures, including the lighting.

The industrial style is similar to the contemporary. However, what makes industrial stand out is its way of exposing interior fittings, abundant lighting, high ceilings, and pre-loved accessories.

Coastal Kitchen Style

Do you want peace and serenity derived from the look and feel of the sea breeze?

Bring the aura of Oceanside living to your kitchen with its excellent color schemes, soft palettes, and calming earthy neutrals. The striking colors of the coastal style include the following: sky/baby blues, seafoam greens, deep golds, and amber combined with creamy whites.

The coastal kitchen style also boasts light woods and granite countertops to retain a calm and relaxing atmosphere when walking or utilizing the room. A pastel backsplash is also a vital element that brightens up the space. And sprucing up the area is some wicker furniture that mimics a beach vacation house.

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