With a desire to help career-driven individuals reach their full potential and goals, Goalsetters Career & Workforce Development was created as a powerful resource to help guide individuals on their career and business journeys.

Anissa Brown, a renowned career and business coach, brings her credibility and expertise to work one-on-one with clients to both reignite their passion in their careers and reach their goals. Anissa creates personalized strategy plans, helps them shift their mindset, and personally guides clients to help them reach their full potential. Anissa Brown is a 4th generation Tucsonan with extensive ties to the community. As an alumnus of the University of Arizona, she continued her education and training in Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Resume Writing, Motivational Interviewing, Professional and leadership Development, and Motivational Speaking.

Anissa has worked with 40,000+ professionals in career planning, management, and transition across multiple industries and job titles for the past 20 years for Fortune 500 companies. With over 25 years of marketing and management experience, she has the insights, strategy, and methods to help build a purpose-driven culture focused on a shared vision, team empowerment, and goal achievement. Through the Healthy Careers Facebook Group and one-on-one coaching, Anissa creates resources and guides executives who want to build or enhance their leadership skills, professionals seeking career growth or career change, organizations that want to hire, train, and develop their employees, and business owners focused on strategic growth.

Goalsetters Career & Workforce Development works with various clients such as recent graduates, adults considering a career change, or those re-entering the workforce, as well as business owners. Anissa Brown helps individuals establish professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles that may be in the way. Clients often hire Goalsetters Career & Workforce Development to help them decide the next step in their career because they are unable to assess their skills and abilities accurately.

Through career coaching, Anissa helps individuals who want to find a fulfilling career that utilizes their strengths and complements their values and interests. Anissa consults with clients to assess whether their job is offering them opportunities for growth, learning, and increased financial compensation. If they decide to search for a new job, Anissa guides them with a thorough analysis of the client’s work values and offers resume building, interviewing techniques, tips on network building, and salary negotiation to help get them their dream job. Anissa also helps clients who wish to change entire fields altogether. If clients desire a career change, she starts with an assessment of skills, talents, and experience and, with her expertise, determines where these skills could be used to the client’s advantage in their new career.

Through Anissa’s career coaching, she is trained to help clients get a more accurate perspective on their assets and focuses on not finding solutions for clients but instead aiding them in finding the answers themselves using exercises, assessments, and other tools. As a business coach, Anissa Brown helps her clients step back, look around, and assess where they are. Only then can they decide where they want to go and create a plan to get there. The first thing Anissa does as a business coach is shine a light on what her client is doing and why it’s not working for them.

Goalsetters Career & Workforce Development helps clients understand why they are longing to find their purpose in their life and work or why they are frustrated at their level of success. Common questions Anissa hears from clients seeking a business coach are: Why do I feel unfulfilled? How do I choose which ideas and projects to pursue? What can I do to get unstuck and reach the next level of success? Anissa answers these questions by raising awareness, asking the clients to move forward with that awareness, and bringing tools and set plans to help clients become stronger business leaders for their businesses.

Anissa’s end goal is not only to create a better business for her clients but also to create a better life with more clarity and purpose for them. As a business coach, Anissa works with her clients, as the head of their companies, to create a firm vision for the future. With this vision in mind, together, they plan long-term and short-term goals.

Goalsetters believe that it is crucial to create long-term goals that clients will use to bring what they are seeking into their lives. Instead of arbitrary numbers or empty symbols of success, as a coach, Anissa helps align clients’ goals with their values. Coaching uncovers the underlying motivation for wanting to grow a business, whether that be passion for the business and potential to make an impact, buying free time to pursue other passions, personal fulfillment and helping others or building wealth to buy freedom for your family.

Whatever the drive may be, Goalsetters helps clients establish the vision first and the goals second so that their business provides the life they desire. A business coach is the ultimate accountability partner to keep you moving in the right direction. With a deep understanding of her clients, their goals, and their situation, Anissa Brown provides invaluable feedback at every step.

With a coach on your side, you can stay motivated, celebrate successes, and bounce back from temporary setbacks. You wouldn’t think twice about paying a doctor, dentist, or financial advisor. Career Coaches are trained to help you make important decisions that affect you and your family. Managing your career is equally as important. By investing in yourself, you put yourself in charge of your career and life.

Goalsetters Career & Workforce Development Anissa Brown Founder/CEO 520-204-3797 [email protected] www.goalsetterscwfd.com

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