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You can patch minor problems before they become vital issues. Schedule your financial health checkup today at The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller!

As things begin to open back up and eagerly awaited vacation days are underway, the summer is a perfect time to get that needed fiscal health checkup to ensure your finances are on track.

It is a habit worth keeping. With regular checkups, you can fix minor problems before they become significant issues. In particular, keeping financially healthy is indeed essential. That is because of uncertainties related to extending student loans, forbearance, and other relief programs put in place more than two years ago to aid people in managing the pandemic.

With the end of the temporary pauses of debt payments, understanding a household’s overall financial fitness will aid you in getting back on track and handling the restart of monthly debt payments.

Your Financial Health Checkup: The Law Offices Of Ronald E. Stadtmueller

Like any health checkup, a financial checkup examines your “vitals” to ensure all is well regarding your financial wellness and health. From an overall budget review to managing credit card debt, The Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller, a Debt help in San Diego, will review your current financial fitness and provide recommended next steps for improving your financial health.

The checkup guides you to the following:

  • Understand Alternatives to Move Forward After Relief Programs End. Loans put off as part of COVID-related relief programs are not going. The debt has to be repaid since the money borrowed is still owed. Deferments offered borrowers a little breathing room. Still, as the temporary pause in payments expires, a checkup is an excellent opportunity to understand options and take a closer look at any loans on hiatus and your total financial picture.
  • Manage Income and Expenses. A financial checkup gives you a perfect understanding of your expenses and income and sets a plan for your spending to keep your finances on track and begin saving for future goals.
  • Pay Down Debt. Explore options to help you pay down credit card debt as well as options for managing other obligations that may be on the horizon – such as expiring forbearances on mortgages or student loan payments.
  • Improve Your Credit. What are your numbers when it comes to credit? Review your current credit report to see where you stand, and get tips for improving your score.

Relatively, experience debt analysis as we evaluate your finances in-depth before advising you to file for bankruptcy. After reviewing your income, debts, and other expenses, we counsel you on the true and total impact that bankruptcy will have on your family, business, home, and future credit.

If bankruptcy is the right choice for you, you can expect us to explain the process and the outcomes fully. Our comprehensive approach to bankruptcy leaves no doubts, so you can be confident you are taking the right step to secure your future.

On the other hand, you should not have to endure creditors’ aggressive collection tactics. We can end the harassing phone calls and annoying letters to pressure you into paying debts you cannot afford as soon as you or your business files for bankruptcy; creditors must immediately stop collection efforts, including those distressing letters and phone calls. As your attorney, we will take charge of your creditors and give you back your peace of mind.

Attorney Profile

Attorney Ronald E. Stadtmueller is a Bankruptcy Law Specialist and has been Certified by the State Bar Of California. He successfully argued and helped create a “new law,” giving a debtor, upside down in his home, the ability to reveal unsecured deeds of trust from his home. 

Ronald is a member of the standing panel of bankruptcy trustees for the Southern District of California, including both San Diego and Imperial counties. Before his return to California, Mr. Stadtmueller served as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee in the Eastern District of Texas. He is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee as well.

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