There’s nothing like a professional, all-out quality cleaning service that gets the job done for that shiny, fresh, clean, and polished house. And springtime is the perfect opportunity to get the cleaning job done right – no excuses.

It’s that time of the year again to get out those brooms, mops, rags, and all the cleaning materials people have been hiding away! Not that it’s a holiday, but spring cleaning has been a taught practice that has almost become an unofficial tradition since time immemorial. When it comes to professional cleaning, Clean In A Click is your go-to residential and commercial cleaning service in Birmingham, Alabama. The cleaning company provides premier cleaning services with the industry’s latest and advanced cleaning equipment, handled by carefully selected and expert cleaning staff, and a cleaning guarantee that promises nothing but 100% customer satisfaction. 

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Why do people do spring cleaning?

For most people, spring brings to mind blossoming flowers, dewy grass, a touch of refreshing coldness in the air, and even sounds of chirping birds flying in. Since springtime comes after the winter season, spring has always been associated with the ideas of renewal, regrowth, or rebirth after the time of cold, darkness, and dampness. This makes it an ideal time to “revive” a house by thoroughly cleaning dirt brought by the harsh elements of the winter. 

When people start pulling out carpets and rugs and beating them away, cleaning windows from all the soot and grime, putting away winter ornaments, vacuuming, and dusting, these are obvious signs of spring cleaning activities. 

The spring season is a favorite time for cleaning manufacturers to market their different cleaning tools and services. Spring cleaning varies from culture to culture, its tradition gaining roots as far back as Jewish tradition, ancient Iranian tradition, and northern parts of America and Europe. Even in the Chinese tradition, spring cleaning removes all traces of bad luck from the past to make room for all the new season or year’s good fortune. Despite the variation in origin, one thing is for sure – spring cleaning is a must, an essential practice in any and every household!

Spring cleaning checklist

When spring cleaning, it is best to tackle one room at a time since each room has its requirement for cleaning. For instance, kitchen cleaning requires soap or detergent for that hard-to-rid soot and grime. The same goes with bathroom cleaning for a hygienic and sanitized clean and the living room for the polished look, clean, and feel. 

Here’s a checklist of best tips for a successful spring clean.

Clean carpets, rugs, doormats

Dirt and dust easily accumulate during the winter, especially when everyone is indoors, preventing the cold and dampness from coming in. Start by beating or dusting off carpets, rugs, and doormats. Give them a good old scrub to remove stubborn dirt or mud. 

Dust the whole house

Like the carpets and rugs, dust the whole house, including all cracks and crevices. Take a feather duster or a broom and reach those farthest spaces such as the back of appliances, bookshelves, sofa, tables, couches, mirrors, and every knick-knack around the house. A thorough dusting can prevent allergies or respiratory illnesses from developing. 

Vacuuming is also another essential tool when it comes to dusting. Vacuums can quickly suck any stubborn dirt, even fabric coverings or furniture. 

Kitchen deep-cleaning

A lot of kitchen cooking has undoubtedly occurred over the winter season. This is why care and attention should be given to deep-cleaning the whole kitchen. This includes cleaning the fridge by removing spoiled food and leftovers and wiping down the refrigerator; getting rid of stuck gunk on the oven and scrubbing it down; cleaning kitchen cabinets, hoods, pots and pans, and even reorganizing kitchen tools, equipment, plates, utensils, and other cooking accessories. 

Change bed linens and other forms of fabric cover

Springtime is the best time to air out and change all furniture covers, including pillowcases and bed linens. Although, this doesn’t mean that changing linens should only be done once a year. Changing coverings and linens should be done regularly, at the very least at two-week intervals. Spring time has more significance since linens and coverings used during winter are thicker, colder, and damp resistant. But since it’s spring, people would need lighter, more spring-summer-ish conducive coverings and linens to match the climate temperature. Coverings are also dust and bugs accumulators, an easy contributor to asthma, allergies, and even different skin infections or breakouts.  

Practice good sanitation

Even before COVID-19, excellent hygienic and sanitation practices should be observed in households. Air out rooms by opening windows for just a couple of hours to let the sunshine in and stream through with its warmth. Also, to give access to good and fresh air ventilation. Pay attention to properly sanitizing bathrooms. Wipe down door knobs and anything the hand touches with alcohol or Lysol. Spray the room with a good brand of air sanitizer and deodorizer to kill those unwanted bacteria and airborne virus carriers. 

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