Fortitude Landscaping is the number one company when it comes to tree care and proper tree removal services in all of Colorado.

We all love trees. They give us shade. Fruit-bearing trees give us something to climb and eat. They serve as a playground, something to hang our swings or make a treehouse with. Most homes would be lucky to have a healthy tree. But trees, just like all other living organisms, need care and maintenance. They need to be trimmed to improve tree structure and remove deadwood, damaged twigs, and branches. Some trees produce many leaves, and tidying up the yard can be a bit challenging for busy homeowners. This is where Fortitude Landscape comes in. Tree trimming and removal by Fortitude Landscaping is the most renowned in Colorado.

Fortitude Landscaping is a company that provides landscape solutions like fence installment, tree care, and seasonal cleanups. They are based in Broomfield, Colorado, and are headed by owner Keaton Whitehead.

Trees in residential areas give shade which protects and also adds beauty to our residence.

“Three trees trimmed and quality work done. Great communication throughout project, and they returned when I asked that a crown be raised a little more. The guys have great communication by text. Cleaned up well after the trim and the branch pickup was the next morning from the neat pile.”- Alistair S. Lafayette, CO

Fortitude Landscaping offers a wide variety of tree care services, including pruning, insect and disease treatments, and immediate, on-call emergency services.

Pruning is essential in the care and maintenance of our trees. Trimming maintains the tree’s structure and health. By regularly trimming a tree, we can also check for dead branches and twigs that can be dangerous for kids climbing or playing nearby. Fortitude Landscape ensures that your tree is in good shape and safe for kids.

Insect and disease treatments, especially for fruit-bearing trees, make the tree healthy and beautiful. Pests can quickly destroy the leaves and fruits of any tree, and if left unattended, your tree will only yield rotten fruits and dead leaves. With Fortitude Landscaping, you won’t have to worry about insects and other unwanted organisms near your yard.

Fortitude Landscaping has the manpower and the technology to carefully and effectively remove trees no longer needed or desired in a particular area.

While we all love a tree in our front or backyard, there are instances where trees serve more of a nuisance rather than an accessory of beauty and benefit. Obstructing a necessary pathway or a good refreshing view, standing in the way of something more substantial, or it’s something that is dead and might pose safety concerns, are just some of the valid reasons why homeowners chose to remove a tree.

Removing a tree is a challenging task, and you have to do it the right way, or else you’ll end up destroying the whole yard or not uprooting the tree. Fortitude Landscaping has the necessary skills to effectively remove a tree and ensure a safe and clean lawn.

With its ISA Certified Arborists, Fortitude Landscaping uses state-of-the-art equipment to maintain your trees and safely remove overgrown or diseased trees from your landscape.

“Excellent work, excellent service, The guys came out, made recommendations, and helped me figure out the best course of action to get our overbearing yard under control. The yard and everything turned out perfect. I will definitely use their service in the future, and you should too!” -Paul & Ellen Alles

So what are you waiting for? Contact Fortitude Landscape today for your tree maintenance needs and landscape concerns. You may reach them at (720) 213-6677 or visit their official website for more details and information.

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