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An outdoor lighting system is among the most crucial elements for homeowners to consider, given it enhances aesthetics and improves safety.

“Beauty shines from within” is an age-old sentiment that encourages people to focus on improving their inner beauty rather than enhancing one that meets the eye. For humans, this is a wonderful and appropriate saying to follow, encouraging the nurturing of values above others.

However, this belief becomes contradictory in home improvement discussions. Your home’s beauty shouldn’t only be from within. Instead, it should also come and be seen from the outside.

When investing in the house’s aesthetic enhancements, homeowners shouldn’t only focus on their interior designs. Their budget shouldn’t be mostly spent renovating rooms only they would enjoy and appreciate. Instead, they must also allot a portion of it to improve their outdoor aesthetics, primarily on their yard improvement.

Elevating the House From the Outside-in

As they say, the home’s outdoor appearance is as important, if not even more, than its interior situation. Fortunately, in terms of their yard designs, homeowners literally have ample space and elements to experiment with what they can do to improve their appeal.

One has to do with yard fixtures and an excellent outdoor lighting design. A good lighting system helps elevate the house’s ambiance and appearance, adding a glint of elegance and catching passersby’s interest like moths drawn to a flame. Its principal purpose obviously falls on visibility and safety. However, with ample design planning, a lighting system can change the yard’s mood depending on how the family utilizes their space.

At Picket Fences Landscaping, their team has helped many Californian homeowners illuminate their yards by providing landscape lighting design, curb lighting, and pathway lighting designs. Their process goes beyond installing bulbs across the space. Instead, they focus on uplifting the house’s allure by balancing their design across different factors.

Take These Into Account for Outdoor Lighting Designs

What good use is working on your house’s appeal if it can’t be appreciated even in the dark? An excellent outdoor lighting system amplifies the house’s elegance, bringing it from basic to classic. Outdoor lighting is among the worthiest long-term investments homeowners can add to their roster. Whether to emphasize the landscape or make the space hangout-worthy at night, there will always be an appropriate and equivalent lighting design to cater to homeowners’ needs.

But first, here are factors to consider before they start planning:

The Yard Size

Before designing that dream outdoor lighting solution, homeowners must consider their yard’s area and the situation of their landscapes. They must consider which sections they wish to highlight and how much they need to illuminate the space. For instance, too much lighting would overpower the house in a small yard and make it seem like a UFO had just landed.

Instead of purchasing the lights, they must work with their available space and plot where they’ll be putting them. Depending on the mood they plan to achieve, they need to purchase different bulb styles to fit their goal. For instance, smaller yards would look better than floodlights or bollard lights, which fit larger spaces more. It’s all about weighing available resources and looking into alternatives until one arrives at the best combination.

The Available Budget

As with any renovation project, the budget is crucial in designing an outdoor lighting system. After estimating the necessary lighting bulbs, it’s time to consider how many they can purchase. Once their budget is set, it’s time to adjust the existing plan to fit it.

While landscape lighting may sound relatively cheap, it can quickly become expensive. This process includes numerous accessories that may be cheap when bought individually but can accumulate costs quickly, from the bulbs to wires and outlets. If homeowners want to avoid spending too much instantly, they can work on one spot at a time, gradually completing their homes.

The Climate

Outdoor lighting systems are the most exposed to whatever climate the home experiences. Hence, they should ensure the lighting can withstand the weather they’re under. For instance, homeowners must securely design their lighting system in residences susceptible to heavy rain, with each bulb protected from the weather. They must be well-mounted in areas to avoid any damages or for the whole system to incur any damages.

Adding the appropriate lighting to the yard works excellently for multiple reasons. It helps families spend more time together, hanging out in their yards during the best weather. At night, it also works as an added security and protection for the household.

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