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Orange Digital Technologies lends its expertise in digital marketing services to help businesses succeed in gaining an audience and flourish in an ever-changing online landscape. 

Before considering whether to take advantage of digital marketing services to help establish an online presence, it is always advisable to know the basics and considerations of the landscape before diving in head first and driving traffic.

The online space is built entirely on data, the enormous transfer of it from server to server, converting seemingly endless bits into countless webpages and interfaces, with which a browser frames in its window. This data, the amount of it, when jumping from computer to computer across systems, is called network traffic (sometimes data traffic). 

Before a device or a computer receives it, network traffic is first disassembled into smaller data packets. These data packets then go through networks and are reassembled by the receiver when it arrives. 

Information technology services must keep track of the traffic and ensure that they are not damaging or burdening the website infrastructure. On the other hand, digital marketing services seek to direct traffic and potential customers toward the network.

How Does Driving Traffic Help with Business?

Although, at its surface, more traffic means more people are coming in to visit the website, which is different from the preferred outcome. Yes, popularity sounds nice, and it is always enjoyable to be acknowledged–but what use is a million visitors when they all do not buy anything? Remember, at its simplest, a million visitors merely means a million clicks to the website and nothing more. So, high traffic is not something to be impressed about.

Yet, it is still necessary for a website to acquire as much traffic as it can. The number of website visitors is called website traffic, and diverting as much of it to your website is essential because each visitor is an opportunity to close a transaction; even just obtaining their interest is a win.

Increased website traffic can help generate leads, improve website features and provide newer perspectives of customer attraction.

Why Should Business Market Through Websites?

Think of a website as online real estate, a virtual office, or, for many businesses, a digital billboard or advertising space. Compared to using social media platforms with their terms of service and sometimes fickle moderation policies, having a website offers the business a higher degree of creativity and managerial input. (Not to mention the recent issues facing several social media giants). A website allows you to create a solid anchor in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

So, what methods are available to attract potential customers and establish a robust online presence through digital marketing services? There are plenty of strategies a business can commit to, depending on their industry and target demographic, but here are the mainstays of digital marketing:


Before social media platforms consolidated much of the online space, blogs were THE primary way of driving traffic and one of the earliest. It began as spaces for individual users to self-publish various media, from photographs to public diaries to serialized narratives. Now, blogs are still good traffic sources, offering reviews for company products and services and functioning as areas for direct customer communication.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is consistently creating and distributing relevant content to the product or service. Unlike blogging, where there is only one space, content marketing involves a variety of mediums to attract an audience with the express intent of eliciting customer action.

Social Media Marketing

As mentioned above, social media platforms have unavoidable issues, but their large user bases are still invaluable for businesses. With proper strategies and leveraging, social media platforms can be one of the quickest ways to get exposed.

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