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With Picket Fences Landscaping Design and Construction, homeowners get a chance to create and explore their yards and find the best landscaping style for them!

As long as homeowners have been developing their spaces, they have, at once, also created many landscaping styles that have been passed down from generation to generation, gaining new iterations as they come and go. With these varied and diverse perspectives on what makes good landscaping stretched across time and space, there are countless landscaping designs to choose from–and who knows? There might be a landscaping style for you!

Down to Earth

Landscaping is an important and fundamental part of being a homeowner. For one, it allows you to greatly enhance and improve the aesthetic appeal of a property, thereby making it more in line with your sensibilities and bringing property values up. Additionally, proper landscaping design can also refine your outdoor space’s functionality and usability. Furthermore, landscaping also has a positive impact on the environment by promoting biodiversity and improving resistance to erosion and runoff.

What is the Landscaping Style for You?

As an art form that involves designing and shaping outdoor spaces, landscaping is a great tool for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your homes. It’s an excellent way to add value and appeal to properties while developing a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in outdoor environments. There is a variety of landscaping styles that homeowners can choose from that will help them achieve their desired look and feel.

Formal Landscaping. This is a landscaping style that emphasizes symmetry, order, and neatness. If you are a fan of geometric shapes, well-manicured lawns, and structured gardens, you will be a fan of formal landscaping. A typical example of formal landscaping often has spaces that possess a central focal point, such as a fountain, statue, or topiary. A caveat, though, is that this style of landscaping requires meticulous and significant maintenance and upkeep to support its otherwise pristine appearance.

Informal Landscaping. This is a style that tends to have a more relaxed and natural atmosphere. Irregular shapes, curved lines, and assorted colors are heavily favored in informal landscaping. You are more likely to find informal landscaping when it comes to cottage gardens or wildflower gardens and outdoor spaces that are naturalistic and wild. Informal landscaping is a style that has more casual requirements for its maintenance, although it is still important to keep upkeep regular so as to maintain a consistent look.

Xeriscaping. This landscaping style is heavily popular in areas where there is a significant demand to conserve water and reduce the need for irrigation. Xeriscaping is also very useful when there are water shortages or rationing in your area and if water prices are higher than the norm. Because of its unique approach concerning water, xeriscaping is highly dependent on making the most appropriate use of drought-tolerant plants, rocks, and other non-plant materials. This style is the best for creating low-maintenance and water-efficient landscaping. In arid regions across the world, xeriscaping is seeing a surge of interest, even among rich households, which typically have better and more consistent access to water.

Japanese Landscaping. This landscaping style is a very popular one in rich, coastal areas. Intimately derived from Japanese aesthetics, there is an emphasis and focus on simplicity, harmony, and balance. Japanese landscaping incorporates the natural elements and geography of the exterior space, making artful use of rocks, water, and plants, which are typically arranged to create a peaceful and serene environment. A staple in Japanese landscaping is the presence of a koi pond, a simple gazebo in the middle of an artificial body of water, a tea house, and a wide, expansive sand garden. Significant planning and attention to detail are needed to achieve the proper image of Japanese landscaping.

Finding the Best Style For You

With Picket Fences Landscaping Design and Construction, homeowners obtain the chance and the opportunity to explore their imaginations, create their own 

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