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Personal identification information like your Social Security Number, date of birth, personal address, etc., are all sensitive data that, if not secured, can be taken away without permission.

Identity theft can happen when one becomes too careless in safeguarding their personal information, making it easy for cyber offenders to use it for malicious intentions. There are many ways criminals can commit identity theft.

Traditional identity theft tactics

Identifying these identity theft schemes will help you become sharper and more alert. Common tactics like stealing personal items happen often, and victims should immediately contact their service providers and credit card companies to lock their accounts. But there are other ways thieves can obtain personal info.

Here are some of the non-digital methods that most criminals use:

Dumpster Diving

If we define it in a literal sense, it’s like diving into an actual garbage dump to scramble through random things. Criminals typically procure identifiable items in the trash like receipts, sticker labels from parcels, bank statements, insurance papers, forms, credit cards, and utility bills.

To avoid this, shred every document containing personal information that goes into the trash so that scammers cannot piece them together. Burning those papers would be even better. Always keep track of your info when skimming through those papers so you can report any discrepancies.

Mail Theft

Another thing to watch out for is your mailbox. When receiving mail, your mailbox should be tightly locked so no one can come and take away essential mail from it. But if some mail got lost, contact your post office or any other courier immediately. For safer choices, you can either use a locking mailbox or rent one slot at the post office.

Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder surfing is an attack where a device storing PINs, like the ATM, is most vulnerable. The thief usually stands too close, enough for them to try peeking at you, tapping in your PIN. Once they get the chance, they immediately record or memorize your PIN.

Be alert when standing by the ATM or any machine you have to access using your PIN n public. This may be awkward or anxiety-inducing for some, but never hesitate to ask someone behind you to put some distance and insist on it no matter what. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Digital identity theft tactics

As technology progresses, so does crime. Many criminals are getting creative in their modus operandi. As a vulnerable person to these complicated yet shrewd digital schemes, you should take extra steps to protect your info online.

Credit/Debit Card Theft

Credit card fraud is a dangerous scheme to be a victim of, and it can have long-term financial damages, depending on the amount stolen. Perpetrators can play with the funds inside that card and open multiple dubious accounts under the victim’s name.

Protecting your credit card info is vital and needs to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you’ll suffer if it is not ensured. And when making transactions, never take your eyes off your credit/debit card, so it doesn’t get swapped for a fake. And to be extra sure, try minimizing card transactions and using cash when making small purchases.

Search Engine Phishing

This is when thieves make a dubious website that may appear enticing to visit. They often put out offers, services, and incentives too good to be true. If you’re not vigilant enough when surfing, a few clicks will surely be your downfall.

Research the company website thoroughly to prevent scammers from stealing your data online. If they are unfamiliar to everyone you know, you may need to think twice. You can also use an online verifier to ensure that the site is legitimate.

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