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If you want the best-built garage in Calgary, Alberta, and North America, you will need help; Wahand Roofing is full of professional and dedicated experts.

It is a niche percentage of the population attached to their garage, despite most homeowners wishing for one that makes their neighbors jealous of theirs. And that is a waste of a good opportunity. You see, garages are considered an outside space, despite being very much an indoor extension of a home. When a homeowner begins to treat their garage as another room of the house, the possibilities and the advantages open up dramatically, and a lot in terms of renovation can be done. 

By simply doing these things, your garage can significantly add to your home’s property values and aesthetic appeal.

Insulating the Garage Walls

The garage, being partly open to the elements sometimes, needs good insulation; in fact, it deserves year-round warmth, especially if it is going to be more than just glorified storage space and more so a car is inside. Doing so allows the garage to become a more flexible space and enhances its utility. Good insulation also has the practical benefit of decreasing energy bills as the garage stops being an exit point for unnecessary heat loss from the main house. 

There are three common ways a garage is insulated, here they are:

  1. Cellulose insulation. This kind of insulation involves recycling newspapers and other similar materials, which are then treated with a fire retardant solution. The resultant material is then used to fill wall and ceiling cavities through a specialized machine, which also has the side effect of strengthening the garage walls.
  2. Fiberglass insulation. A standard solution to insulation in which pre-cut sections of fiberglass are installed as panels. In addition to providing insulation, fiberglass offers a pleasant garage view.
  3. Foam insulation. This type of insulation is growing in popularity because of its relative cheapness and convenience. Rigid foam can be easily molded according to size and provides effective insulation when paired with adequate flooring materials.

Refurbishing the Perfect Garage Floor

During normal remodeling inside the main house, flooring is sometimes glossed over. Regarding garage floors, they are ignored, especially when a vehicle obscures them for long periods. The most common material used for garage flooring is concrete, which, while durable against the elements, is very vulnerable to the constant wear and tear from chemical and moisture seepage endemic to garage spaces.

  • Floor coating is cheap, relatively easy to use, and can protect the floor from deterioration while increasing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Floor coverings are better options and come in different forms, e.g., interlocking tiles, rollout mats, etc., but can cost more.

Upgrading the Perfect Garage Doors

The garage door is an essential aspect of acquiring a well-designed garage; it is the part that draws the eyes to the garage and is what faces the exterior space. A garage door must be properly maintained and updated so entry from the outside, especially for vehicles, is always possible.

Automated garage doors lessen the need for physical interaction and help during disagreeable weather.

Changing the Perfect Garage Lights

By adding efficient lighting to the garage space, homeowners can treat it as an office or a handy workspace instead of just being a car space. As a generally overlooked area of the house, a garage has multiple opportunities for lighting additions like wall or ceiling lights.

About Wahand Roofing

Based in Alberta Province, Wahand Roofing is not simply a company—but a family. Working since 2010, the members of the Wahand Roofing family are a highly experienced and talented team. They have done thousands of projects with total perfection and accuracy. If you want the best built garage in Calgary, Wahand Roofing guarantees the utmost professionalism and no mistakes.

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