Casa Z provides super quality and uniquely creative wall texture planters in California.

Casa Z is a décor company specializing in 3D printing technology to produce creative stand and wall texture planters in California. Founded in 2018 in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Casa Z is now among the leading home decor companies. They take pride in their unique designs for small- to medium-sized stand planters known as Mini Bob Planters. These mini Bob planters are available in four series- adventure, dancing, classic, and soulmates.

Alphabet Casa Z collection features every letter of the English alphabet as planters. Other planter designs include the Viva Africa collection, showcasing different animals such as the giraffe, rhino, and elephant. There are also Christmas planters featuring the Nutcrackers Trio and the Christmas Village.

Casa Z’s wide variety of planter collections is the Flow collection, Oasis collection, Kokes collection, Luna collection, Flow collection, Retro collection, and the Peace of Mind collection. Flow collections are textured cachepot in bronze, white, black, and pink colors. Oasis collection is made up of stand and wall planters in bronze color. Luna collection is a group of spherical cachepots placed in elegant stands.

The latest trends in decorative planters are kokedemas or kokes. Casa Z’s cute kokedemas are available in standing and hanging designs. They are available in white, green, and white-green combo. These are just some of the many products and accessories you can find at Casa Z Decor.

“The essence of Casa Z is in our name. Casa Z means Home Z in Portuguese. It’s the initial command to start any 3D print; it’s the starting point when our projects and ideas leave the paper and take shape in 3 dimensions.

But Casa Z is also about our homes and daily lives. We believe the best way to decorate is to put our own hearts on our houses. And that’s why we create unique products with exclusive designs that enable you to reinforce your personality within your home decor. “

Casa Z uses the technology of 3D printing that revolutionize the way they produce and consume products. Their designs are exclusive. Their products are designed and manufactured by themselves, with releases every 15 days. The second technology we intend to use is generative geometry, which is the creation of geometric shapes based on mathematical parameters, allied to a simple and friendly interface that gives the consumer the power to customize the shape of the objects according to their preference or needs.

Casa Z also offers its customers bundle promos and an outlet 60% off for reasonable prices.

You can save a lot if you avail Casa Z’ Bundle promo. There are more than a dozen bundle promos for a very catchy prize. If you want to save more than 50%, you can settle for Casa Z’s outlet sale. Outlet sale offers a 60% discount on its original price. You can also look for their Limited Inventory and Sustainable Thinking Sale.

Speaking of great, Casa Z offers excellent deals to customers.
Speaking of great deals, Casa Z Decor has a great surprise for all! From June 15th to June 30th, customers will enjoy Casa Z’s Summer Sale. Aside from the usual affordable price, those interested may avail of the 15% discount on products. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to visit their shop at 3214 West Park Row Dr. Suite F Pantego, TX 76013, from June 15 to 30, 2022. There are plenty of excellent quality ceramic products awaiting everyone.

For unique and classy mini and wall texture planters, contact Casa Z at +1 (817) 673-9476. You can also email them at [email protected] or visit today!

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