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Despite its humble beginnings, Legally Clean has constantly offered quality work to make a name for itself. The company provides unparalleled services to construction contractors, especially in their post-construction services in Florida.

Cleaning may seem straightforward until you begin spotting specks and particles on the area you’ve just cleaned. The thing is, nobody can ideally leave their houses spotless, even those who regularly do cleanings. Sure, the surfaces may look polished. But one way or another, dirt and grime may still be left in inaccessible areas or spaces they may not see.

When people clean their homes, even during deep or holiday cleaning, they typically do a one-sweep over the entire area and call it a day. They grab their cleaning apparatuses and let these tools serve their purposes with little to no effort in maneuvering them on every nook and cranny. This level of care and attention can convince homeowners that everything has been exhaustively cleaned.

To a non-expert, this type of cleaning is enough. But to a professional, it isn’t.

The Home Isn’t Cleaned Unless It’s Legally Cleaned

From doubts to second-guesses about the quality and thoroughness of cleaning, Legally Clean has every homeowner’s concerns covered. Founded to primarily offer cleaning services and already gathering 15+ years of ongoing service, the company ensures satisfactory labor to their clients.

Legally Clean hasn’t expanded itself to become a franchise, not because of its inability to. Instead, the company prides itself on being a privately-held company that offers detailed and personalized services to each client. The smaller-scaled their company is, the better control their skilled professionals have over the services their offer, providing lesser to no room for work lapses.

Above their finest quality cleaning services, they’re also one of the top shop options for cleaning supplies and offer various specialty services. For any complex cleaning needs on any area of coverage, whether commercial, residential, or retail, Legally Clean likely provides them. From post-construction and disinfectant cleaning to popcorn ceiling removal and porter services, clients can count on the company to deliver beyond satisfactory work.

Post-Construction Services

When it comes to construction, renovations, or redesigning, these processes themselves aren’t the most troublesome. Instead, it’s the cleaning afterward that’s the most irritating. Moving in almost immediately after the final construction touches have been done for newly bought and built houses can be comforting. But is it the best option? Probably not.

Legally Clean ensures that when you’re moving into newly constructed houses, you’re moving into a spotless space, free of dust and other unnecessary particles. From baseboards to ceiling corners, they clean hard-to-reach areas that most construction companies overlook during the clean-up. With over a decade of experience in this field, Legally Clean has mastered how to efficiently provide post-construction services in Florida and nearby areas so no client gets disappointed in what they receive.

Retail and Commercial Cleaning Services

Nobody wants to visit a shop that reeks, even with precious and gorgeous products on display. Sometimes, what’s stopping you from gaining more customers isn’t your product but your retail space. Fortunately, Legally Clean has all the answers to your problem.

The company caters to a wide selection of industries. It is equipped to offer cleaning services such as disinfection, sanitizing, and thorough general cleaning for different facilities like restrooms, kitchen areas, and lobbies. They make sure visiting customers won’t see any signs of building dust and signs of usage across your shop once their work is done.

Floor Maintenance Services

Since it’s the part of the house most susceptible to wear and tear, the floor needs the most cleaning and maintenance. While the floor is under everyone’s soles, this doesn’t mean they should be disregarded. Legally Clean ensures the floor gets the best polishing and attention necessary to keep it in its best condition.

Their eco-friendly equipment doesn’t only clean the floors, but it also works to purify the air as well. Additionally, on top of every homeowner’s floor needs is their carpet upkeep. Fortunately, Legally Clean also has this factor covered. Their green carpet cleaning solutions can remove all the unwanted dirt carpets have accumulated and held for years.

Reach Out to Them

For a cleaner tomorrow, you can contact Legally Clean’s team for a consultation on what needs cleaning and maintenance for your homes or commercial spaces. Interested clients can reach them at their website:, where they may submit questions, concerns, or clarifications about the services that Legally Clean offers.

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